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Chapter 263: Chapter263 Feng Ze Is Here

Lu Heting frowned imperceptibly.

Even Lu Weijian, an unromantic person, could see the jealousy in Lu Hetings eyes, and the air was filled with a strong sense of jealousy.

“Brother, look at this man.

Although he is good-looking, he has a good character.

He is much better than Fang Shaocong, right Its better for us to choose someone with good character than to let my sister-in-law shoot the advertisement with Fang Shaocong, isnt it”

His words made sense.

At least, Su Beis friend wouldnt bully Su Bei.

Lu Heting nodded and said, “Then we can choose him.”

Lu Heting took a closer look at the man in the photo, and the more Lu Heting looked at the man, the more he liked the man.

Lu Heting felt that there was a sense of familiarity in the mans eyes, as if he had seen the man somewhere.

Since he felt that he had seen the man before, his mood was not so messy.

Lu Heting agreed to Lu Weijians proposal.

So Lu Weijian replied to Su Bei, “Okay, Sister Bei Bei.

Your friend is good.

Ask him to come to the shooting site tomorrow.”

Su Bei flashed the victory sign.

The process was going smoothly as expected.

Director Guo and Lu Weijian took a fancy to her in mens clothes at a glance.

Director Guo also said that this was a game advertisement, and many scenes could be combined in the production, so it was totally okay for her to finish the double duty.

She wanted to know how would Fang Shaocong handle this problem.

Everyone could understand that he was not feeling well, but he had always been putting on airs.

At that time, not so many people would forgive him!

Sitting on the sofa, with her cell phone in her hand, Su Bei was thinking about the scenes of tomorrows part happily.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

Lin Moli said, “Ill open the door!”

“Its so late.

Who is it” Su Bei asked casually.

She and Da Bao looked at the door together.

Lin Moli had opened the door, and a tall, slender man was standing at the door.

He was wrapped in a well tailored white suit, and his features were as delicate and beautiful as a womans.

There was a diamond earring on his left ear, shining brightly.

“Feng…Feng Ze” Suddenly, Su Bei was a little scared.

She turned over and was about to roll down from the sofa and hide herself.

But she failed.

Instead, she hit her knees and squatted down with her arms around her knees.

Lin Moli shouted in surprise, “Its Feng Ze! It is Feng Ze! Come on in!”

“Feng Ze!” Da Bao walked towards him.

He always had a good relationship with Feng Ze, and used to treat Feng Ze as his biological father.

When Feng Ze appeared, Da Baos face showed a rich expression, which was rare to see.

However, Da Bao stopped after a few steps.

It seemed that he had seen through something.

Feng Ze looked in the direction of Su Bei evilly.

How Su Bei wished she could dig a hole in the ground to hide herself from his burning eyes.

Feng Ze had always liked her, and it had never changed since she went to the orphanage.

But at that time, Su Bei liked Du Luo and had never thought of being with Feng Ze.

Therefore, Feng Zes love put a lot of pressure on Su Bei.

Anyway, Su Bei didnt know why, but she didnt dare to accept Feng Zes love.

Every time she saw Feng Ze, she was so scared that she wanted to hide.

Maybe it was because Feng Feifei always pretended to be Feng Ze and Su Bei couldnt distinguish the two of them Whats more, Feng Ze looked very beautiful.

His appearance made many women feel inadequate.

She always felt that if she was in love with Feng Ze, she would have a feeling of being a lesbian.

She didnt like women, so she had no feelings for Feng Ze for so many years.


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