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Chapter 262: Chapter 262 An Old Fathers Tone

So Su Bei came here directly to look for Lin Yu.

Lin Yu always had a loose schedule.

So Su Bei thought that maybe he could adjust his schedule.

If he couldnt change his working hours, Su Bei still had another choice.

She took out her cell phone and saw a video in which a girl was putting on makeup for a while.

Soon, the girl disappeared and was replaced by a handsome man.

This was the video left by Feng Feifei.

With her excellent makeup skills, Feng Feifei disguised herself as a handsome man.

With the height of Su Bei and Feng Feifei, it was a natural advantage for them to disguise themselves as men.

Feng Feifei was Feng Zes sister.

She could pretend to be Feng Ze.

When Su Bei just knew them before, she once thought they were two brothers.

When she knew that Feng Feifei was a woman, Su Beis world view was about to collapse.

Therefore, as Feng Feifei had disguised herself as a man for many times, it was not difficult for Su Bei to cope with an advertisement shooting.

‘Fang Shaocong, do you really think you are the only man in the world

Su Bei was walking towards Lin Molis home when Fang Shaocong sent messages one after another.

Without reading them, Su Bei deleted them directly.

Then her phone rang.

It was Fang Shaocong.

Su Bei hung up the phone directly.

But she didnt blacklist him directly because she wanted to see how angry he was when he couldnt get through.

Su Bei turned her phone to mute mode, walked upstairs slowly and arrived at Lin Molis home.

Both Lin Moli and Da Bao were there.

Su Bei hugged Da Bao and kissed him from left to right on his face.

Da Bao had the same face and the same temper as Lu Heting.

Although Da Bao felt a little helpless in his heart, he enjoyed the passionate expression of Su Bei.

After Su Bei sat down, Da Bao looked at her up and down and said, “Did someone bully you”

“Who can bully me I look pretty good, right” Su Bei smiled.

Da Bao nodded, “Xiao Bei has grown up.

You can protect yourself now.”

He sounded like an old father.

Both Su Bei and Lin Moli couldnt help laughing.

Lin Moli went to serve the dishes and said, “I knew you would come today.

I had a hunch when I got up this morning.

And you really came!”

“Where is Lin Stone” Su Bei asked.

“Oh, didnt you know He went back to the United States.

He said there was an important activity.

I remember he said it in the chat group, didnt he”

Su Bei immediately opened the group chat.

Well, it was true that Lin Yu had said that, but there were too many messages from others, and she had not seen Lin Yus words in time.

Su Bei knew that she could only use the second plan!

There were many photos of her dressing as a man in her mobile phone.

She chose a few and sent them to Lu Weijian and Director Guo respectively.

Soon, Director Guo replied, “Su Bei, who is this young man Can you introduce him to me”

“He is my friend.

Director Guo, do you think he is suitable for this commercial shooting” Su Bei asked.

“From these photos, I think he could take on this position.

Please bring him here tomorrow.”

From Director Guos manner, Su Bei drew the inference that he was satisfied.

After receiving the photos, Lu Weijian quickly sent them to Lu Heting and said, “Brother, my sister-in-law wants to introduce a friend to replace Fang Shaocong.”

Lu Heting took the phone and looked at the photos.

This mans eyes looked clear and sincere.

He was pure and charming and was not inferior to Lin Yu.

Where did Su Bei get so many high-quality male friends

Lu Heting was speechless.

What he didnt know was that Su Bei still had many other male friends.


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