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Chapter 260: Chapter260 I Cant Help but Want to See Him

Did it matter just because he was rich Apart from money and women, what else was in his empty mind

“Director Guo, Im leaving now,” Su Bei greeted Director Guo.

Director Guo patted her on the shoulder and said, “Okay, have a good rest.

We will continue the work tomorrow.”

Deep in his heart, he had a bad impression of Fang Shaocong.

Although Fang Shaocong had a good reputation, the whole film crew had been neglected for a whole day.

He called Fang Shaocong in person, but it was useless.

Su Bei apologized in person, but it was still useless.

Director Guo was such a shrewd person.

How could he not expect that Fang Shaocong was deliberately putting on airs

The more he disliked Fang Shaocong, the more he felt that Su Bei was generous.

Being treated like this, she could still do her job well.

He believed that she would certainly have a bright future.

After patting on Su Beis shoulder, Director Guo felt a little cold on his back.

He looked up at the sky and found that the sun already went down.

Maybe the temperature began to cool down in the evening.

What he didnt know was that a Bentley was quietly parking in an inconspicuous corner not far away from the filming site.

The man in the car was looking at this direction.

His eyes were so cold that many people dared not look at them.

How could Director Guo not feel cold

When Su Bei walked out with her bag, Lv Shan caught up with her and said, “Su Bei, what should we do Obviously, Fang Shaocong aimed at you.

If he still didnt come to shoot, how could we solve this issue At that time, he will issue some articles and put the blame on you…”

“Lv Shan, dont worry.


Weijian has known the ins and outs of the matter.

He will help us.

Besides, I have no choice but to shoot my own part.

Otherwise, we are the ones who should pay the liquidated damages, arent we” Su Bei asked with a smile.

Lv Shan nodded, “Then tell me if you need help.”

After saying goodbye to Lv Shan, Su Bei went out and received a phone call from Lu Heting, telling her that he was waiting for her at the door.

Then Su Bei ran to his car and sat in the passenger seat.

“Heting, arent you busy today”

“Ill pick you up even if Im busy.

I have asked Mr.

Weijian to help you with your work,” Lu Heting smiled gently.

His kindness was kept in Su Beis mind, but she was a little worried about him.

“Will we make too much trouble for Mr.


“Now that Fang Shaocong has done such a thing, neither I nor Mr.

Weijian will tolerate it.

Dont forget that the Lu Group is different from other groups.

Dirty things are not allowed here.”

Hearing that, Su Bei started to appreciate the Lu Group.

She asked, “What kind of person is able to cultivate such a good view of the employees I cant help but want to see him.”

It was not until Lu Heting suppressed the surging waves in his heart that he restrained himself from revealing his real identity.

He used to think that he was not afraid of anything, and that he would be honest in the world and never need to be afraid.

But in front of Su Bei, he didnt even dare to reveal his real identity because he was afraid of losing her.

“There will be a chance.” He could only say calmly.

Su Bei just said it casually and didnt really want to see the top leader.

That person must look so different from her, right Since they were two different people, there might not be any intersection between them even if they met, so there was no regret for her if they did not meet.

She smiled and said, “Thank you, Lu Heting.”

“Is this your appreciation If possible, can you say more” Lu Heting turned to look at her.


Thank you for being there every time I need you.”


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