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Chapter 258: Chapter 258 I Want to Know When He Will Have a Wretched Condition

“Ill ask someone to fire him.” Lu Weijian had lost his patience to Fang Shaocong.

Su Bei asked him quickly, “If you fire him, its not good to the Lu Group, right”

“I will pay him more penalty.

Maybe his fans will blame the group.

But dont worry.

Its not a big deal.” Lu Weijian didnt take it seriously.

Such a small amount of money and slander was not enough to shake the Lu Group at all.

However, Su Bei shook her head and said, “Mr.

Weijian, its Fang Shaocong who did the wrong thing, but we have to pay him more money.

And his fans will ruin our reputation.

Isnt it too unworthy”

“You are right.

We cant let him go easily.” Lu Weijian thought for a while and agreed with her.

He couldnt let the Lu Group lose money to play with Fang Shaocong like this.

Otherwise, his brother would lose his dignity.

He remembered that Lu Heting had told him that he couldnt let go of Fang Shaocong easily this time.

How dare Fang Shaocong have affectionate feelings for his sister-in-law He must be tired of his life!

Lu Weijian whispered to Su Bei and reached an agreement.

Su Bei continued to shoot her part, keeping everything unchanged.

During this period, the staff would find another suitable actor to finish the work.

Lu Weijian could inquire about Fang Shaocong and know what he was doing.

In fact, Su Bei had thought of this way before.

The reason why she thought it was useless was that she didnt know if Lu Weijian was on her side.

Now that Lu Weijian was on her side, Su Bei was relieved.

“Dont worry, Sister Bei Bei.

Im on your side.

Fang Shaocong is a black sheep in the entertainment industry.

We have to kick him out of the industry this time!”

Su Bei looked at him, touched.

Lu Weijian said, “My brother also cares about you.

He asked me to do him a favor.

Im so congenial to you, so I should help you anyway.”


Weijian, please dont waste too much energy on my business.”

“My brother and I have been friends for many years.

We are not biological brothers, but we are closer than biological brothers.

Although we do different jobs, we have a very good relations.

So helping you is what I should do.

Dont take it to heart,” Lu Weijian comforted her.

After comforting her, he went to report the news to Lu Heting.

Lu Heting said in a low voice, “Report to me at any time.

I want to know when Fang Shaocong will have a wretched condition.”

“Okay, brother.”

When Su Bei came to Director Guos side, Director Guo had been told by Lu Weijian to shoot Su Beis part first, and Fang Shaocongs matter was temporarily left behind.

If anything happened, Lu Weijian would deal with it.

With Lu Weijians words, Director Guo was not worried about the work.

The shooting started!

Su Bei had already changed into ancient clothes.

She had a delicate and graceful appearance, and it was rare for her to have some ancient charm.

Therefore, with the corresponding clothes and makeup, the traditional charm quickly came out.

Her every move and smile were full of the implicit, amorous feelings of ancient beauties, but also free and easy, which was very in line with the theme of the current advertisement.

Director Guo was satisfied with the shooting.

It had been a long time since he met such an actress who could act with ease.

Director Guo was thinking about finding Su Bei to shoot an ancient costume movie in the future.

After a whole day, Su Bei finished most of her scenes.

She finished her job without any complaint.


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