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Chapter 257: Chapter 257 Completely Out of Control

Fang Shaocongs agent said carefully, “Im afraid that Mr.

Weijian will release articles to blame you.”

“If he dares to blame me, you can pass the blame to Su Bei.

After all, I have a good image in public.

A small scandal is nothing to me, right” He looked at his agent coldly, “Youve been with me for years.

Why are you getting timid”

His agent smiled, “Yes, Im timid, Im timid.”

But it was also because Fang Shaocong was too bold.

Fang Shaocongs agent had fixed many troubles for Fang Shaocong before.

He was really tired.

Fang Shaocong used to only touch those women who volunteered to exchange resources with their bodies, and those women would not say anything in public.

Later, he became more and more bold.

In the casting group, even the director had to listen to him.

There were several female artists who didnt obey his orders and then were squashed by him.

His agent had used all means to deal with these things.

Fang Zhaoxiang was also willing to spend money for his only son.

Fang Shaocongs agent had slowly become an assistant who could only serve Fang Shaocong from an agent with resources and ability.

In order to support the family, Fang Shaocongs agent had accepted it.

But seeing that Fang Shaocong was getting bolder and bolder, he always lived in terror.

If Fang Shaocongs agent didnt remind Fang Shaocong, Fang Shaocong was completely out of control.

As soon as Su Bei hung up the phone, Lu Weijian came over with his assistant.

Seeing Lu Weijian, everyone stood up and said, “Mr.


Facing their boss, everyone cheered up.

Lu Weijian rushed over angrily.

If his brother hadnt reminded him, he wouldnt have known that there was such a black sheep as Fang Shaocong.

It was all his fault for his carelessness that made his sister-in-law suffer.


Weijian!” Seeing that he was coming aggressively with a gloomy face, Su Bei was a little nervous.

It was hard for outsiders to tell right from wrong for such a conflict between artists.

If Lu Weijian really made trouble for Su Bei, she really didnt know how to deal with it.

“Sister Bei Bei!” As soon as Lu Weijian saw Su Bei, he said in a disappointed tone, “Why didnt you tell me that Fang Shaocong bullied you”


What” It never occurred to Su Bei that the first sentence that Lu Weijian said was like this!

It seemed that he had suffered a lot.

Su Bei hadnt felt so wronged yet.

Lu Weijian pulled her to sit down and said, “Ill terminate the contract with him now! How dare he do such a thing Does he really think the Lu Group is a paper tiger”

Su Bei was stunned.

‘Whats wrong with Mr.

Weijian Why is he so efficient

Whats more, his attitude of defending made Su Bei really… really touched.

Trust without reservation was the softest weakness in Su Beis heart, and also the emotional support she wanted most.


Weijian.” Su Bei looked at him, her eyes glittering, “Thank you.”

Lu Weijian hurriedly said, “In fact, its your husband, Lu Heting, who reminded me of this.

He said he was afraid that you would be wronged here and asked me to help you.

When I investigated this matter, I was shocked.

I just found that Fang Shaocong didnt come and bullied you.”

“Oh, its Lu Heting.

No wonder you came so soon.

I just complained a little about this matter last night, but I didnt expect him to take it to heart,” Su Bei said in a low voice.

The deep eyebrows and eyes of Lu Heting appeared in Su Beis mind.

Every time he appeared at critical moments, Su Beis heart was filled with emotions.


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