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Chapter 255: Chapter 255 A Scheming Man

It was highly possible that Su Bei had done something to Fang Shaocong.

Director Guo looked at Su Bei and asked with his eyes, “What happened”

Fang Shaocong had always been a good image in public.

Director Guo didnt have much contact with him, so he only saw Fang Shaocongs positive news.

Su Bei couldnt help gritting her teeth secretly.

How could Fang Shaocong use this method

She had thought that as long as Fang Shaocong came over, he could not do anything to her in front of so many people on the film set and would not cause any trouble to her.

However, he was so scheming that he didnt come directly and even shifted the blame to her.

He forced Su Bei to call him!

All the people on the film set were waiting for doing their job.

How could Su Bei ignore so many peoples jobs

Of course, she didnt expect to turn to Lu Weijian and Lu Heting for help.

As a boss, Lu Weijian would definitely consider the interests of the company when he did things.

How could he help her

Lu Heting was just a driver and he couldnt help her.

Su Bei had no choice but to call him by herself.

When she was about to make the phone call, Lv Shan arrived and said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, tell me what happened between you and Fang Shaocong.

Ill handle it.”

Although Su Bei told Lv Shan what had happened last night, she didnt expect that Lv Shan would believe her.

If Su Bei hadnt experienced this matter herself, she wouldnt have believed that Fang Shaocong would be such a person.

However, Lv Shan believed her!

Not knowing since when, Lv Shan had firmly believed in all the words of Su Bei.

For Lv Shan, Su Beis words must be true.

“Let me do it!”

At this critical moment, Lv Shan took out her phone.

It never occurred to Su Bei that Lv Shan trusted her so much now.

Su Bei remembered that she had no choice but to cooperate with Lv Shan at that time.

At the beginning of their cooperation, the two of them had no choice but only for interests.

But now, unconsciously, they had built up some kind of relationship that surpassed money and benefits.

Lv Shan called Fang Shaocong, but his agent answered the phone.

His agent made it clear that if it werent for the call from Su Bei, Fang Shaocong wouldnt have listened to the phone and wouldnt have come to the scene.

Lv Shan had no choice but to put down her phone.

“Su Bei, Ive done all I can.

But…” Lv Shan could do nothing about it.

Su Bei was not favored in the company.

If such a thing happened to her, the entertainment company would definitely not help Su Bei.

As for Lu Weijian, although he was Su Beis fan, he was still her boss.

Would a boss break the contract to abandon a popular male star with good reputation just for a little conflict

Director Guo came over and said, “Su Bei, I have called Fang Shaocong too, but he refused to accept my mediation.

I can do nothing about it.”

“Thank you, Director Guo.

Ill handle it myself.” Knowing that everyone was trying their best to help her, Su Bei thanked them from her heart.

“Su Bei, its your private affairs.

I can give you time to solve it in private.

If you dont get along well with Fang Shaocong, you can also shoot your part alone.

At that time, we can use a substitute to shoot a few scenes for you and use the technology to make the synthetic images.” Director Guo had tried his best to help Su Bei.

“Can we make the synthetic images later”

“We will do a lot of things in the post-production of the scenes, so its okay to make some synthetic images for you.

But anyway, Fang Shaocong must come here.

Otherwise…” Director Guo was also helpless.


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