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Chapter 252: Chapter 252 His Smile Was So Charming

‘If he dares to do anything to me, Ill beat him to death! Su Bei thought and clenched her fists.

Seeing that she frowned and gritted her teeth, Lu Heting stood up and walked to her side.

“Is there really no problem”

“No problem with Mr.

Weijian,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Of course, Lu Heting knew that there was nothing wrong with Lu Weijian, because Lu Weijian didnt dare to do anything bad.

“What about the others Did they bully you” Lu Heting asked in a low voice.

“Well, they didnt bully me.

But it was true that it was a little disgusting.

He is like a fly.

He doesnt dare to bite people, but its annoying,” Su Bei said.

She had a strong desire to express herself in front of Lu Heting, especially when she thought of Fang Shaocongs disgusting words.

Lu Heting immediately frowned.

“Who is it”

Su Bei smiled, “Dont be so serious and nervous.

There is no big problem.

I will protect myself well.”

Lu Heting guessed that there must be something wrong with her partner.

It couldnt be Lu Weijians people.

Was it the director team or the cooperative partner

Seeing the worried look on his face, Su Bei patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Dont worry.

I think that man is a paper tiger.

He just took advantage of me verbally.

Come on, show me a smile.”

Lu Heting was not as generous as she was.

How dare someone take advantage of Su Bei verbally

His eyes and brows suddenly became serious, and his whole body was filled with a strong aura.

However, the smile on Su Beis face made him feel better.

Her soft fingers fell on his cheek, and Lu Heting gave her a smile.

Lu Heting seldom smiled.

When he smiled, there was tenderness on his dashing eyebrows and the corners of his lips.

He was so charming that people almost indulged in his smile.

‘No wonder he doesnt like to smile.

Its so charming that many innocent girls will fall in love with it, Su Bei thought.

Even Su Bei herself could not help but feel her heart beating fast.

“Well, Ill go to bed.

Good night.” Su Bei also smiled at him.

Seeing her enter the room, the smile on Lu Hetings face disappeared and soon he became serious.

He called Lu Weijian directly.

Lu Weijian was playing games when he answered the phone, “Can we talk later”

“Ill give you one second.”

Lu Weijian turned off the game and said, “What do you want to say, brother”

“I want the list of all the people shooting this game advertisement, as well as the profile information and personality of each person.

The accuracy should be more than ninety percent.”

“Brother, whats wrong You dont have to do it yourself.

Other people will be in charge of these things.

Even my sister-in-law has me to protect her.”

Lu Heting sneered, “Do you know someone bullied Bei Bei”

“Well…” Lu Weijian didnt know what happened tonight.

“Brother, someone bullied my sister-in-law Who Which one Ill blow his head off!”

Lu Heting knew that Lu Weijians mind was all on the game, so he was not very familiar with some social things.

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with Su Bei, so Lu Heting could forgive Lu Weijians small mistake.

“Give me what I want.

Ill give you half an hour.” Lu Heting hung up the phone.

In less than half an hour, Lu Weijian sent the documents.

Lu Heting checked the names one by one.

The director was Guo Feng, who had a good reputation in the industry.


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