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Chapter 251: Chapter 251 You Can Be with Him, But You Cant Be with Me

In fact, Fang Shaocongs agent was just like his assistant and had no right to refuse Fang Shaocong.

So he had no choice but to follow Fang Shaocongs requirement.

Lu Weijian sent Su Bei and Lv Shan back and said, “Sister Bei Bei, the shooting time is about three days.

If you need anything, just tell me.

You can call me at any time.”

Su Bei nodded.

After saying goodbye to Lu Weijian and Lv Shan, Su Beis phone rang at the gate of the community.

It was a strange phone number.

Su Bei answered the phone.

“Su Bei, Im Fang Shaocong.” Fang Shaocongs voice came from the other end of the line.

He had a handsome face, but his voice was a little frivolous.

It was obvious that he used dubbing in the TV series he had filmed before.

In publics eyes, he was single, innocent, and even kept his first kiss.

This image was created for him by his company.


Fang, what can I do for you”

“Where do you live Ill ask someone to pick you up.

Didnt you say that we would drink together tonight”

Drink together tonight Su Bei really wanted to contradict him.

When did they make a deal

She smiled and said, “Mr.

Fang, you must get things wrong.

We only have the work we have agreed on tomorrow.

Is there any other agreement”

Fang Shaocong said bluntly, “Su Bei, I know you want to be with Lu Weijian, so you have to pretend yourself in front of me.

But let me tell you, I can give you whatever Lu Weijian gave you.”

“Fang Shaocong!”

“What You can be with him.

But you cant be with me” Fang Shaocong sneered.

He had never met a woman like Su Bei.

She must be an interesting woman!

Su Bei said coldly, “I wont come there to drink.

As for the work, I will finish my part well.

You can do whatever you want in your part.

Its none of my business.

I really hope that the twenty million fans of your Weibo can know what kind of person you are!”

Then Su Bei hung up the phone.

Fang Shaocong put away his phone and snorted.

How could Su Bei talk to him like this Was it because she had the support of Lu Weijian

He would teach Su Bei how to write the word “regret.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Bei took a deep breath.

Then the haze on her face changed into a bright smile.

She couldnt take her anger at work to home, which had always been her life principle.

When she got home, she would be the bright Su Bei.

When she got home, Gun Gun had fallen asleep, while Lu Heting was still waiting for her in the living room.

Su Bei felt warm in her heart.

She remembered that it was usually Da Bao who sat in the same seat waiting for her.

“Hows your work today” Lu Heting put down his financial magazine.

According to Lu Weijians report, everything went well.

However, since Lu Heting didnt see anything with his own eyes, he was really worried.

He spent the whole afternoon in his office, trying to restrain his impulse to go downstairs to accompany her.

But as a driver, it was not appropriate for him to show up, so Lu Heting had to be invisible.

“Everything is fine.


Weijian is nice to me,” Su Bei smiled.

In fact, she wanted to tell Lu Heting the issue about Fang Shaocong.

But on second thought, he could do nothing to help her, and it would hurt his self-esteem after saying that, so Su Bei decided not to complain.

What was more, the worst situation was that she was detested by Fang Shaocong and lost some resources controlled by him.

Did he really dare to do anything to her


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