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Chapter 250: Chapter 250 Dont Pretend to Be Pure, Okay

When Su Bei lifted her glass to Fang Shaocongs, Fang Shaocongs hand touched the back of her hand intentionally or unintentionally.

Su Bei took back her hand at once, and her face changed abruptly.

She had never expected that a young popular star like Fang Shaocong, who had been the idol of thousands of girls, would do such a thing.

Maybe he was just being careless

Putting down her glass, Su Bei hoped it was just her illusion.

Unexpectedly, Fang Shaocong got close to her and said with a smile, “Su Bei, lets go to sing later.

Shall we have two more drinks”

“Im sorry that Im very busy.

You can do it without me.” Seeing his eyes, Su Bei thought she should not have found an excuse for him in her heart just now.

Now she realized that he was indeed such a person.

She didnt expect that he would have an inflated view of himself when he became popular.

Lu Weijian didnt see what Fang Shaocong was doing.

Noticing that Su Bei didnt look well, he asked in a low voice, “Are you okay, Sister Bei Bei”

“Im fine.

Im just a little tired.” After thinking for a while, Su Bei didnt mention about Fang Shaocong.

She had just signed the contract.

She couldnt let Lu Weijian break the contract for such a small matter.

She had no right to ask Lu Weijian to do so, and Lu Weijian would not afford such a loss for her.

The shooting of the advertisement would only take about three days at most.

At that time, there would be so many people on the spot, so Su Bei guessed that Fang Shaocong would not dare to act rashly at that time.

She had to be more careful.

Three days would pass quickly.

“Since you a little tired, lets end the dinner earlier.

Then you can home early.” “Everyone, its getting late.

Ive finished my meal.

Since we dont have anything else to do, lets get out of here and go home.

Remember to come to the set early tomorrow,” said Lu Weijian with a smile.

Lu Weijian walked out with Su Bei quickly.

Looking at their receding figures, Fang Shaocong sneered, “Dont pretend to be pure, okay You can accompany Lu Weijian, but you cant accompany me”

He entered the entertainment industry as a rich young man.

His purpose in entering the entertainment industry was to sleep with as many beautiful women as possible.

Because he was very rich, so he could get the excellent resources, which could make him stand out in the entertainment industry quickly.

Besides, his rich father was very generous to him.

His agent persuaded him, “Mr.

Shaocong, you can sleep with other women you like.

But Su Bei is not a good choice.

After all, she is the one who is chosen by Mr.


It seems that Mr.

Weijian cares about her very much.

There is no need for us to be against Mr.

Weijian, right””

Actually, Fang Shaocong didnt dare to offend Lu Weijian, let alone to touch Su Bei.

But he heard from his rich father that Lu Weijian was not the real descendant of the Lu family at all.

He just had some prestige outside and had no real status in the Lu family.

Knowing this, his desire was aroused.

He did sleep with a lot of beautiful women in the entertainment industry, but Su Bei was different.

Her skin was as white and tender as tofu.

She looked pure and natural, making him intoxicated.

Now that Lu Weijians status might not be comparable to his, what was wrong with him to have Lu Weijians woman

“Lu Weijian is nothing to me.

I like this Su Bei.

Go and get her phone number for me right away!” Fang Shaocong was used to being a playboy.

He had to get what he wanted!


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