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Chapter 240: Chapter240 He Made Another Appointment with Su Bei

“Yesterdays report said that Mr.

Weijian pursued Su Huixian but couldnt have her Did Mr.

Weijian look like he was disappointed in love I think he is in high spirits!”


Why dont I see sadness on Mr.

Weijians face Mr.

Weijian was having a good conversation with Su Bei, wasnt he”

“Well, interesting.

Maybe I know who was playing the trick.”

“If Mr.

Weijian likes Su Bei… He is younger than Su Bei, right Im optimistic about this match!”

“No, you are wrong.

I think Su Bei is younger than Mr.

Weijian, isnt she”

Su Beis reply was also very fast.

After she browsed Lu Weijians Weibo, she reposted it directly, “Mr.

Weijian, dont be angry.

I will contact you after I book the restaurant.”

Soon, many topics like “A rich mans clarification”, “He calls her Bei Bei”, “Su Beis reply”, “Su Bei and Lu Weijian are friends” “Su Huixian is playing tricks”, were on the top search list.

Su Huixian paid a lot of money on the hot search last night to attract a lot of peoples attention.

Today, the corresponding replies corresponded to embarrass her.

In particular, the fans of Su Bei reposted it one after another, which made Su Huixian very awkward.

Who said Lu Weijian pursued Su Huixian It seemed that Mr.

Weijian only focused on Su Bei and turned a blind eye to Su Huixian.

Who said that Lu Weijian went to say goodbye to his love and get drunk at the ceremony Mr.

Weijian seemed to be very happy and chatted with Su Bei happily.

He also made another appointment with Su Bei!

These contents had been made a funny long picture and video by some neutral marketing accounts, and became the talk today.

Su Huixian got up early in the morning and was in a good mood.

After reading the hot searches last night, she enjoyed her reputation at ease.

However, before she could be happy for a long time, she saw that Lin Yu defended Su Bei.

‘Even if Lin Yu speaks for Su Bei, how can he turn the tide Su Huixian thought with relief.

However, before she could finish her thought, she saw Lu Weijian and Su Beis Weibo.

Su Huixian was so angry that she stood up all of a sudden.

After checking carefully, she found that it was indeed the content posted by Lu Weijian.

Her face changed immediately!

What made her face twisted was not only Lu Weijians clarification, but also his intimate tone, as if he was really familiar with Su Bei!

The comments below were like slaps in her face.

She felt pain in her face, as if the slap was real.

Her reputation started dropping on Weibo.

No matter how her fans defended her, they couldnt change the onlookers mind.

“When did Su Bei know Lu Weijian How is that possible” Su Huixian asked.

Du Luo came in from outside and asked with a smile, “Whats wrong Are you in a bad mood early in the morning”

“Its okay.

Its okay.

Its just something about the fans.”

“You can leave the matter of fans to Minxuan.” Du Luo advised, “You dont have to do everything by yourself.

I can see that the comments on Weibo are often not true.

So we dont have to get that kind of attention.

None of them are real.”

Su Huixian nodded, “Of course.

My company often buys that attention for me.

Apart from that, I dont want any other attention.”

In a word, she put all the blame on the company.

Even if Du Luo was dissatisfied with the scandal that had been spreading on Weibo last night, Su Huixian could also put her responsibility behind.


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