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Chapter 237: Chapter237 Clarify It for Her

They were so tasteless! Were they serious

‘Will my brother kill me

Without thinking too much, Lu Weijian dialed Lu Hetings number.

As expected, Lu Heting was pissed off.

He said in a low and depressed voice, “Lu Weijian, do you want to die”

“Brother, its something about my sister-in-law!”

Lu Heting sat up from the bed and said in a sober voice, “Go ahead!”

Lu Weijian told him what had happened.

He could feel the depressing atmosphere through the phone.

“Brother, dont get angry.

I took care of my sister-in-law in the evening in case any other men wanted to seduce her.

I made contributions, right I didnt expect that someone would make an issue of my sister-in-law.

Ill clarify it right now, okay”

“Clarify it right away!” Lu Heting said.

However, he checked the time immediately.

It was already past midnight.

If Lu Weijian cleared this matter now.

His clarification would soon be drowned in the news tomorrow morning.

He thought for a moment and said, “Clarify it at half past eight tomorrow morning, taking up the prime time of the morning.

Besides, dont flirt with Bei Bei.”

“Of course.

She is my sister-in-law.

Of course I wont flirt with her.

I will clarify it and prove my sister-in-laws innocence!”

After hanging up the phone, Lu Heting couldnt fall asleep any more.

He sat up and logged in his Weibo account unskillfully to find the news.

He looked at Su Beis photos carefully for a while.

She was so beautiful!

Those tasteless people! How could they say that she fawned on Lu Weijian There was no emotion in her eyes as she looked at Lu Weijian.

According to Lu Hetings experience, the way she looked at Lu Weijian was not as affectionate as the way she looked at the pot of flowers at home.

Feeling relieved, Lu Heting put down his phone and lay down.

Then he picked it up again and continued to look at Su Beis photos before he fell asleep.

The next day, Lv Shan called Su Bei.

Su Bei was doing exercise after breakfast with Gun Gun.

“Su Bei, have you seen the news I will help you clarify it as soon as possible.” Lv Shan regretted in her heart.

She shouldnt have let Su Bei be with Lu Weijian last night.

She was too careless as Su Beis agent.

“What news” Su Bei asked.

Lv Shan was speechless.

Lv Shan knew that Su Bei didnt care about anything except money.

But it seemed that she got too many inner peace.

“Su Bei, I know that its impossible for Mr.

Weijian to help you clarify it, so Ill find a way.

We can only see if we can use other peoples news to suppress this matter.”

Lv Shan knew well about the rules of the entertainment industry and had come up with a solution.

However, it would take her at least one or two days to prepare for the clarification.

After hanging up the phone, Su Bei logged in her Weibo suspiciously.

It was not until then that she found the scandal that she “hooked up” with Lu Weijian, but was ignored by him.

The photos were taken from a good angle.

Even Su Bei thought that she loved Lu Weijian so much but couldnt have him when she saw the photos.

Female artists were most afraid of this kind of scandals.

Although they got the attention, the negative label could not be removed.

It was like a white dress that had been splashed with dirty water.

No matter how hard a person washed it, it was difficult to return to its original brightness.

Before Lv Shan could figure out a way, Lin Yu had sent a message on Weibo, “Ive known Su Bei for a long time.


Weijian is not the ideal type of Su Bei, and the way she looks at my toy models is the same.”

He mentioned Su Bei in his short article.

Besides, he also posted the pictures that Su Bei looked at his toy models.


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