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Chapter 236: Chapter 236 Being Mocked by All the Netizens

“Su Bei took the initiative to please Mr.

Weijian all the time, but Mr.

Weijian didnt look at her.

If I were her, I would have felt humiliated.”

“Do you think people in the entertainment industry are as thin-skinned as you How can they develop their careers if they are not shameless”

“Look, Mr.

Weijian has been looking in another direction.

According to my analysis and from the angle of other photos, Mr.

Weijian is looking at Su Huixian on the stage.

He is so affectionate! Oh my God!”

“No wonder Su Bei could get Miss Perfect and the Jin Xius clothes before.

It turned out that she relied on this kind of skill.

She flattered to Mr.

Weijian in Su Huixians engagement party.

We can imagine how she would treat other rich big shots in private.”

“Dont talk nonsense, okay Su Bei is not that kind of person.

She always relies on her own strength!”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha, really Maybe she depends on the brainless fans like you.”

“Nowadays, the celebrities in the entertainment industry are really disappointing.

They had no shame and no morals.”

“No, no, no.

Its impossible for Su Bei to do this.

Su Bei and Lin Yu are a perfect match!”

The news became a chaotic battle between fans and other people.

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan didnt even need to guide Su Huixians fans.

Because Su Huixians fans could post enough bad comments by themselves.

Because these photos and titles were the best guides.

As Su Huixians fans, they couldnt bear other people like Su Bei steal Su Huixians thunder on Su Huixians engagement party.

Naturally, they all wanted to speak for Su Huixian.

On the other side, Su Beis fans also actively spoke for Su Bei.

They believed that with Su Beis personality and ability, she would not do such a thing.

However, Su Huixians fans posted too many bad comments and the number of the onlookers was enormous, it was difficult for Su Beis fans to deal with so many bad comments.

In the end, almost all the netizens laughed at Su Bei.

At this time, Su Bei and Gun Gun were sleeping, unaware of what had happened.

Lu Weijian was the first one to be awakened.

His friend called him first, “Well, Lu Weijian.

I didnt expect you to have a woman you like! Didnt you tell me that you only love games Can I ask you to play games at midnight in the future”

“What woman” Lu Weijian replied with bleary eyes.

If his friend wasnt a good partner in the game, he would have hung up now.

“Its said on the internet that you showed your love at that womans engagement party.

I didnt expect you to have such a side, Lu Weijian.

If you had told me earlier, we would have helped you pursue her.”

Lu Weijian was confused.

He only met Su Bei at the ceremony.

Was there any gossip about them

“Fuck!” He stood up immediately.

If there was any gossip about him and Su Bei, his brother would never let him go!

He quickly sat up and logged in Weibo.

Fortunately, the rumor said that he liked Su Huixian.

So it wouldnt stir up any trouble for his brother.

Lu Weijian patted his chest hard.

Wait a minute.

He Liked Su Huixian

When did he fall in love with Su Huixian Besides, who was Su Huixian What did she look like What was she like

He quickly found the photos.

Oh, the woman who named Su Huixian was not as beautiful as the character in the game.

He was not interested in her.

Then he continued to browse the gossip.

“What the **!” he shouted.

How could they say that his sister-in-law fawned on him


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