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Chapter 235: Chapter 235 Mr.

Weijian Treated Her with Indifference

She heard that there were a lot of female stars of the Di Xing Media Company who wanted to have a romantic relationship with Lu Weijian.

But Lu Weijian had always been indifferent to them.

He would ignore what people were saying.

Now, how could he clarify anything for Su Bei

Soon, the photos and videos of Su Huixians engagement party were released by the major marketing accounts.

A romantic engagement party of a perfect match was enough to attract peoples attention.

So the topic of Su Huixians engagement party soon became one of the hot searches.

And the following news made the onlookers more interested.


Weijian of the Lu Group showed up at the wedding banquet!


Weijian looked gloomy all the time

Some female star wanted to smarm up to Mr.

Weijian, but Mr.

Weijian treated her with indifference all the time.

The relationship between the rich man and the popular actress was dubious.

In the photo, Lu Weijian was sitting in a corner and raising his glass alone.

It seemed that he was really in a bad mood.

It was obviously very big news!

The onlookers liked picturing the story they liked.

Soon, everyone couldnt help but start to talk about this matter.

“I guess Mr.

Weijian must love Su Huixian very much, but Su Huixian chose another man, so he appeared at the scene out of control.”

“I agree with you.


Weijian has always been fond of playing games.

Have you ever seen him attending anyones engagement party before No! There must be a reason for his appearance this time!”

“Let me add.


Weijian loves Su Huixian, but Su Huixian doesnt love him.

Finally, the rich young man hold Su Huixians hand and asked how would she choose between he and the other man Su Huixian replied him that she would choose love.


Weijian is dejected and tries to make the last effort.

Even if he couldnt make her happy, he is willing to see her happy.

Anyway, Im moved by Mr.


He is handsome, rich and affectionate! He is such a great man! I love him!”


Weijian, please look at me.

I can be with you! Mr.

Weijian, please look at me!”

“Save it.

I think you should look at yourself in the mirror first.”

“Ive checked it just now.

Although the Du family is rich too, its far from the Lu Group.

In this case, Su Huixian is really a woman who is loyal to love.

She even gave up on Mr.

Weijian, which makes me think highly of her.”

“Yes, I also change my opinion of Su Huixian.”

“Ive made up my mind.

I am the fan of Lu Weijian and Su Huixian, and no one can stop me!”

As everyone kept thinking about the love story of Lu Weijian, the topic of Su Huixian and Du Luos engagement party continued to catch the attention.

Su Huixian also gained many recognition.

She finally got the attention she wanted, and more and more people complimented on her character.

Although there were also some mocking comments, they were all suppressed by the enthusiastic blessings.

Then, everyone saw other photos—the photos about some female star wanted to smarm up to Lu Weijian.

Different from the previous photos with high definition, the photos of Lu Weijian and Su Bei were very blurry.

From the angle of the photo, they could only see that Su Bei was bending over to talk to Lu Weijian, looking somewhat flattering.

However, Lu Weijians eyes did not fall on Su Bei.

It seemed that he was dodging.

It was a picture about unrequited love.

Although the photo was very blurry, Su Bei was recognized by the onlookers soon.

Just from these photos, there were too many things that could be pictured, much more than Su Huixians photos.


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