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Chapter 232: Chapter 232 The Pleasantries

It seemed that his brother might be jealous from time to time.

Su Bei thought that Mr.

Weijian was really good.

He was easy-going and always thought for others.

“Heting, drive Mr.

Weijian home first.

He must be tired tonight.”

“Yes, Im a little hard.

Many people came to accost.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to drive them away.” Lu Weijian asked for credit in front of Lu Heting.

It was really hard for him to help Lu Heting get rid of those men.

However, Su Bei thought that those people came to accost her in order to make friends with Lu Weijian, so she smiled and said, “Yes, Mr.

Weijian must be tired.

Many people come here to meet him, but Mr.

Weijian refused all of them.

Well Mr.

Weijian, you are a good person.

Last time, it was you who called me and asked me to pick Heting up when he was sick.

Heting is so lucky to have a boss like you.”

“Its my duty.

As the boss of the company, I should be so kind to all the employees.

I should be clear about rewards and punishments.

Otherwise, the Lu Group wont be able to get what it is today, right” Lu Weijian replied and secretly flattered his brother.

“No wonder the Lu Group has the highest reputation among the top five hundred enterprises.


Weijian, you are a good leader,” Su Bei praised him sincerely.

If her words didnt include Lu Weijians name, it would be more perfect.

Lu Weijian immediately spoke up and agreed, “You are right, sister-in-law.

The top leader of the Lu Group is a very good leader.”

Su Bei knew that Lu Weijian was only the second in command.

And as for who the first in command was, since it was a low-key secret of the company, it was inconvenient for Su Bei to ask, so she echoed Lu Weijian.

However, Lu Heting didnt say anything.

He was glad that his wife and brother had a good relationship.

But he didnt want them to get too close.

After all, his brother was a man.

And if he was a man, he would be a threat.

No, maybe women were also threats.

He recently created a Weibo account and saw a lot of fans of Su Bei, and many girls who were obsessed with Su Beis long legs discussing to be the mother of Su Beis kids.

Lu Heting was jealous because of these female fans for days.

Fortunately, they couldnt let Su Bei get pregnant!

As for him, it was possible for him to let Su Bei give birth to a baby for him.

Thinking of this, he was happy.

Seeing his brothers smile, Lu Weijian praised him even more vigorously, “Sister-in-law, although my brother is not a real one, he is more like a real one.

His working ability and style are not inferior to that of the members of the Lu family.”


Weijian, youre flattering him,” said Su Bei with a smile.

“Im not bragging.

Its not strange for him to start a business by himself and run a powerful company one day,” Lu Weijian continued.

Su Bei took his words as the pleasantries.

She said, “Mr.

Weijian, how can Heting compare with you”

Hearing this, the smile on Lu Hetings face was bittersweet.

He didnt know how to smile.

What pleased him was that Su Bei completely treated him as a member of her family, and she treated Lu Weijian as an outsider.

But the problem was that he had been hiding his real identity for a long time in front of Su Bei, so he really couldnt show more ability.


The domino effect!

But if he didnt hide his real identity, he was afraid that his wife would run away again.

Lu Hetings heart was full of struggle and confusion.

After seeing Lu Weijian off, Su Bei sat in the front row.

Although Lu Weijian was a nice person, it was really tiring to talk so formally.

“You must be tired, right” Lu Heting asked with concern.

“Fortunately, Mr.

Weijian came to the ceremony.

Otherwise, it would be awkward to attend such a party.”


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