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Chapter 228: Chapter 228 My Sister-in-law Belongs to My Brother

Sitting in the office, Lu Heting felt his ears burning as if someone was coveting his things.

On the other hand, Lu Weijian felt a chill on his back, as if someone was staring at him.

He patted his chest and thought,My sister-in-law belongs to my brother.

My sister-in-law belongs to my brother!

After reciting for three times, Lu Weijian pushed Du Changwei and Su Xingfu away.

Then he pushed away Su Huixian and Du Luo and strode towards Su Bei!

“My…” Lu Weijian ran over and showed a cheerful expression.

‘What is he talking about Su Bei turned sideways to avoid Lu Weijian.

Lv Shan stopped him and asked, “Excuse me.

Who are you”

In fact, Lv Shan didnt stop Lu Weijian hard.

The reason that she stopped him was because Lu Weijian was acting like a crazy fan.

Lv Shan was afraid that he would hurt Su Bei.

But after seeing him clearly, Lv Shan keenly found that he might have a high status.

“Im Lu Weijian.” Lu Weijian briefly introduced himself, “Im working in the Lu Group, the company where Lu Heting works.”

Snapping back to her senses, Su Bei stood up and greeted politely, “Nice to meet you, Mr.


She treated Lu Weijian in a professional way.

Lu Weijians face darkened at once.

Shouldnt his sister-in-law hold his hand and tell him about his brother, Gun Gun and other family affairs

But his sister-in-law was too polite!

Lv Shan was also shocked.

“Hello, Mr.


She didnt expect that Lu Weijian would come to greet Su Bei!

Did it mean that the Di Xing Media Company took an interest in Su Bei

“Dont be nervous.

Have a seat.” Lu Weijian remembered what his brother had told him.

He didnt want to frighten his sister-in-law.

He had to be obedient, polite and kind.

He had to help his brother hide his identity.

Su Bei and Lv Shan sat down together.

Lu Weijian also sat down next to Su Bei.

He really had a lot to say to Su Bei, but Su Beis smile was occupational and professional.

Lu Weijian didnt know what to say for a moment.

Du Changwei and the others were completely shocked!

They treated Lu Weijian with the highest standard of treatment, imagining that this was an olive branch thrown out by the Lu Group.

Perhaps in the business world, the Lu Group would treat them differently.

At least, the Lu Group would treat Su Huixian in a different way.

But after Lu Weijian came, he only said a sentence from beginning to end and then went straight to Su Bei!

‘This bitch! Xu Zhiqin clenched her fists in anger.

Su Xingfu and Du Changwei also looked embarrassed.

Su Huixian and Du Luo couldnt hide their uncomfortableness.

The others also looked over.

Most of the people who stayed in the hall were important figures tonight.

Many people recognized Lu Weijian and even showed the surprised expressions.

At the same time, they all saw that Lu Weijian was sitting next to Su Bei and talking to her.

There was even a hint of flattery in Lu Weijians eyes.

He didnt look arrogant as usual.

Du Changwei looked at his son and said, “Du Luo, invite Mr.

Weijian to sit on a better place.”

Du Luo took Su Huixians hand and walked towards Lu Weijian.


Weijian the engagement ceremony is about to begin.

Please go to the main seat.”


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