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Chapter 226: Chapter 226 Her Financial Worth Would Be Multiplied

Lu Weijian was a symbol of the Lu Group.

His appearance represented the intention of the Lu Group.

The Lu Group could do the Du family and the Su family the favor.

Of course the Du family and the Su family would accept the glory.

“Is it really Lu Weijian” Du Luo was also surprised.

In fact, the Du family had also wanted to have a relationship with the Lu Group in the past few years, but they had never found a good opportunity.

Without any recommendation, they couldnt even get a chance to contact the Lu Group.

After all, the Du family also had a high social status, it was impossible for them to come directly to see the top leader of the Lu Group.

Not to mention that they didnt know the identity of the top leader, even if they knew, they still couldnt do such a shameful thing.

So far, the business between the Du family and the Lu family was completely different and they hadnt crossed paths.

As a matter of fact, the only person who could see the members of the Lu Group at the scene today was probably Mr.

Hao, the high-level leader of the Gao Sheng Investment Company.

If someone of the Lu Group really came here today, the Du family and the Su family would brag about this matter in the industry.

Holding Su Huixians hand, Du Luo walked straight to the car that had just stopped.

Whether the person in the car was Lu Weijian or not, they should greet him first.

Even if the person in the car was not Lu Weijian, they were still well-behaved.

So no one would express dissatisfaction.

Du Luo opened the car door himself.

The man in the car stepped out of the car.

He was more than 20 years old.

He was very young.

He looked very handsome with a smile on his face.

Although he looked cynical, the shrewdness on his face could not be ignored.

It was indeed Mr.

Weijian of the Lu Group!

Su Huixian was so happy that she didnt know how to smile.

The smile on her face was so excited and she couldnt be calm.

Du Luo was also overjoyed.

He stretched out his hand and said, “Mr.


They didnt know why Lu Weijian came.

But since he had already come here, he was their most honored guest!

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Weijian! This place is made brighter by your presence!” Du Luo knew that Lu Weijian used to like drinking with others.

At that time, Lu Weijian was still young, so there were many chances to get close to him.

Now Lu Weijian began to take care of the company.

He seldom went out to play.

If Du Luo couldnt seize the opportunity this time, there would no other chances for him.

Lu Weijian took a look at Du Luo and shook hands with him.

He looked around at the noisy crowd but didnt find his lovely sister-in-law.

Su Huixian also stretched out her hand and said, “Mr.

Weijian, thank you for coming here in person.

Please come in.”

She had even drawn up the headline of todays announcement in her mind.

If she could work on Lu Weijians appearance, she was sure that she could be able to be on the top ten of the hot search!

Tomorrow, everyone would know that the Lu Group had arranged someone to attend her engagement party.

What did it mean It meant that maybe Lu Weijians Di Xing Media Company had a keen interest in her, and maybe they would offer her an invitation the next day.

In this way, her financial worth would be multiplied, and her momentum that had been suppressed by Su Bei would rise again!

The members of the Du family and the Su family also looked over here frequently.

They were asking each other about the identity of Lu Weijian.

Some knowledgeable people spread the news about the Lu Group to them.

When they heard the news about the Lu Group, they constantly exclaimed.

Besides, they were also very proud.

Because to some degree, they could also connect with the Lu Group.


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