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Chapter 224: Chapter 224 The Fake Pregnancy

Lv Shan and Su Bei shared weal and woe.

As Su Beis agent, Lv Shan also felt happy when she noticed that other people were looking at Su Bei with admiration.

“Su Bei, tell me honestly, what kind of skin care products do you use” Lv Shan asked curiously.

“You have seen them.

You know, I will put some small samples in my bag.

When I go home, I will use the full-sized ones.

If you like this brand, Ill buy you some products of this brand another day.”

“No, you can keep them.” Lv Shan had seen Su Beis bag and knew that what she said was true.

She touched her own face.

It didnt make sense.

The price of the skin-care products that Su Bei used was just average in the entertainment industry, but Su Beis fair face looked astounding and flawless.

Today, Su Bei didnt dress up carefully.

She saw with her own eyes that Su Bei washed her face with water and applied a layer of essence in the company.

Su Bei didnt wear makeup at all.

Then they came here together.

Although Su Bei didnt wear makeup, she still caught all peoples eyes.

Director Song had asked her to work with Su Bei.

Now she thought Su Bei was really a treasure.

Lv Shan had made up her mind to take good care of Su Bei.

Everyone was amazed by Su Bei, and even Du Luos eyes wandered around with Su Bei.

Seeing this, Su Huixian felt a little jealous.

Today, she was absolutely the only heroine at the scene.

Su Bei was really scheming.

She was wearing a bare pink short skirt, and her makeup was flawless.

Her hair was tied into a bun, which made her neck look particularly slender.

She was wearing the shell bracelet on her hand, which gave out warm light, and her whole body was as white as snow.

In Su Huixians eyes, Su Bei must take a lot of effort to dress up.

Because Su Bei wanted to defeat her.

She held Du Luos arm and said, “Director Song came to congratulate us in person, and other senior executives of the company are also there.

Besides, the editor-in-chief of Jingdu City Daily, the president of Li Le Jewelry and the CEO of the Lai Yao Pictures are all waiting for us there.”

Her words brought back Du Luos attention.

After saying that, Su Huixian became more confident in herself.

Even if Su Bei was in the limelight now, Su Bei was just a newcomer.

Compared with her accumulated connections in the entertainment industry in the past few years, Su Bei only had a few resources.

Even if Su Bei had the honor of Feng Shang and Jin Xiu, Su Bei was still inferior to her.

So she didnt need to be afraid of Su Bei, did she

Soon, Su Huixian received all the distinguished guests and forgot about Su Bei.

Du Luo said thoughtfully, “Huixian, do you want to have a rest Can you still bear it”

“Im fine.

I will have a rest after receiving the guests.” With a gentle smile, Su Huixian put her hand on her belly, but a trace of nervousness flashed through her heart.

She used her pregnancy as the excuse to get engaged to Du Luo.

But in fact, she was not pregnant at all.

She and Du Luo had always used condoms before.

How could it be possible for them to have a baby

In the future, she had to find a way to cover it up.

But now, the most important thing was to hold the engagement party.

Su Huixian braced herself up to deal with todays banquet.

Lu Weijians car appeared at the gate of the hotel.

He thought for a while and finally decided to tell his brother before meeting his sister-in-law.


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