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Chapter 222: Chapter 222 Su Bei Once Left without Turning Back, but Now She Regretted Her Decision Like a Poor Dog

On the day of the engagement party, in order to put on airs, the Du family still booked a five star hotel and arranged everything to maintain their reputation.

The Du family was wealthy and had invited a lot of relatives and friends.

Not to be outdone, the Su family not only invited many relatives and friends, but also Su Huixian invited many friends in the entertainment industry.

On that day, not only stars, models, designers, agents, but also some senior executives of the entertainment industry attended.

It could be said that the people in the entertainment industry were very kind to Su Huixian.

Xu Zhiqin appeared with great satisfaction.

As a mistress, she indirectly caused the suicide of Su Beis mother.

She had been cursed for many years, so she even secretly got the marriage certificate with Su Xingfu.

Not to mention the wedding, she didnt even dare to invite relatives and friends to dinner in public.

This time, her daughters engagement party was so high-profile and perfect, making her feel proud and happy.


Du walked up to her and said, “Well, you are here.

Why didnt Su Bei come”

Xu Zhiqin was in a good mood.

But when she heard the name of Su Bei, she was depressed for a moment.

She didnt want to hear this name on such a happy day.

“I dont know if she will come or not.

Anyway, I gave her the invitation.

I was just afraid that she would feel embarrassed to come here…” Xu Zhiqin knew clearly that in such an occasion, protecting the face of the Su family was to protect the face of Su Huixian, but she still couldnt help slandering Su Bei.

Sure enough, the relatives behind Mrs.

Du began to laugh at Su Bei, “Youre right.

How could Su Bei come here She withdrew her marriage and ran away at that time.”

“Where did Su Bei go in the past five years I heard that she worked as a model in the United States.”

“A model I dont think so.

Maybe she has been engaged in some dishonorable jobs.

Havent you heard that she left Du Luo because she hooked up with a rich man Du Luo is a perfect man! Why did she do such a thing”

Since Su Bei left, the relatives of the Du family and the Su family had always slandered her.

Xu Zhiqin and Mrs.

Du also added fuel to the fire.

“Su Bei is really a spoiled child without her mothers education.

She is too willful!”

“I heard that Su Bei regretted giving up Du Luo.

She came to see Du Luo as soon as she came back from the United States.

Unfortunately, theres no coming back from that.”

“Thats right.

Not to mention Su Bei, few girls in S Country deserve Du Luo.

Su Huixian was a good girl.

If it werent for that, she wouldnt have had the chance.”


Du was very satisfied to hear people praise her son.

She smiled and said, “Speaking of Su Bei, she came to me two days ago with a very sincere attitude.

I dont mind what she did before, but from now on, I can only treat her as the niece of a noble family.”

There was too much information in her words! People who didnt know her would think that Su Bei came to Mrs.

Du and cried bitterly, hoping to retrieve her relationship with Du Luo.

However, Mrs.

Du refused her.

All of a sudden, they couldnt help laughing and shaking their heads.

‘What a bad girl! Su Bei once left without turning back, but now she regretted her decision like a poor dog, they thought.

Even Xu Zhiqin got nervous.

How could Su Bei do such a thing behind her back!

She smiled and said, “Su Bei is wild and completely out of control.

It is too late to repent.”

She was glad that Su Huixian was pregnant.

So Su Bei could do nothing to turn the tables.


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