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Chapter 221: Chapter221 Stay Together for Life

“By the way, I wish your son and Su Huixian can stay together for life,” Lu Heting said calmly.

But Mrs.

Du felt the implications in his words, as if to say “your son and Su Huixian are perfect match, so dont cause troubles for others.”


Du was frightened by Lu Hetings imposing manner.

Once she was at a disadvantage, Mrs.

Du couldnt find any suitable words to slander Lu Heting.

Lu Heting reminded her, “By the way, Mrs.

Du, I hope you can compensate for Su Beis clothes.

After all, you dropped the coffee cup on purpose just now.”


Du deliberately stained Su Beis clothes and asked Su Bei to go to the bathroom so that she could bargain with Lu Heting.


Dus scheme was exposed in front of Lu Heting.

Everything was seen through by Lu Heting.


Du stood up unhappily, and took the check away.

Then she took out a stack of money and slapped it on the table.

When she was about to leave, the waiter brought two cups of drinks for Lu Heting and Su Bei, which were raspberry juice she couldnt order just now.

For her, the drink was the limited edition.

And the waiter told her that it was sold out.

Lu Heting said nothing but the waiter directly brought the drink to him.

Who on earth was Lu Heting Mrs.

Du unknowingly raised his status in her heart.

Lu Heting gave the money Mrs.

Du left as a tip to the waiter.

When Su Bei came out of the bathroom, Mrs.

Du had already left.

“Why did she leave” Su Bei thought she had to endure Mrs.

Dus nagging for a while.

“You are so determined.

Of course she has to leave,” Lu Heting said.

After thinking for a while, Su Bei knew that Mrs.

Du was not easy to get along with.

She had known this since five years ago.

Did Mrs.

Du change her personality five years later

“Thats great.

I dont want to waste my time on her.

What does their family matter have to do with me”

Lu Heting was very satisfied with Su Beis opinion on Du Luo and the affairs of the Du family.

He even felt that the drinks in front of him tasted better.

Su Bei picked up the glass and took a big sip.

She was in a good mood all of a sudden.

“Whats this Its so delicious.

It tastes sweet and sour.

Its the perfect blend of sweet and sour! Its like a refreshing taste.

Can I bring two glasses of this for Gun Gun and Aunt Chen”


Ill ask them to make the drinks,” Lu Heting nodded.

Squinting her eyes, Su Bei took another big sip, enjoying it very much.

Lu Heting planned to tell the waiter to prepare more materials so that Su Bei or someone else could order this drink in Su Beis name.

Of course, the drink was still rationed as usual.

After all, the raw materials were very precious.

It had nothing to do with money.

If they offered unlimited amounts of the drink, Lu Heting thought the foreign suppliers would not agree.

The engagement ceremony of Du Luo and Su Huixian was held as scheduled.


Du couldnt change her sons mind, nor did she want to hurt their relationship.

And Su Bei also refused her.

As a result, she had no choice but to accept Su Huixian.

It was mainly because Su Huixian took out the chip of pregnancy at the critical moment.


Du tried her best to persuade them to get engaged first.

She asked them to hold the wedding ceremony after the baby was born, taking the excuse that Su Huixian was pregnant.

Su Huixian had achieved her goal.

The engagement would make her get closer to Du Luo, so she agreed immediately.

The engagement party began when everyone had their own thoughts.


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