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Chapter 220: Chapter 220 Everything Is Good, but One Thing Is Less than Good


Lu, you can write this check for up to five million.

I think the money is worth your many years salary in the Lu Group, right And if you leave Su Bei, you can find a better woman.

You are handsome, and I think many girls will like you.”

Lu Heting put down the check and said indifferently, “You dont want your son to marry Su Huixian.

You want to persuade Su Bei to go back and fight for your son.

In this way, you dont need to do it yourself, and you dont need to hurt the relationship between you and your son to achieve your goal.

Even if someone has to bear the blame, it must be Su Bei, right”

“But Su Bei can also take the chance to get the man she wants.

I know that Du Luo has feelings for her,” Mrs.

Du smiled gracefully.

“Even if Su Bei can get Du Luo for a while, you wont agree when he really wants to marry Su Bei, will you” Lu Heting hit the nail on the head.

“You dont like Su Huixian to be the daughter of a mistress, but you also dont think highly of Su Bei, because she doesnt have her mothers protection in the Su family.

In the future, she might not get the property of the Su family.

You dont want your son to marry a woman who cant get the property.

Su Bei is just a pawn you want to use now, right”


Dus face changed a little when Lu Heting exposed her thoughts frankly.

As expected, the member of the Lu Group had an uncanny psychological discernment.


Du quickly calmed down and smiled, “Mr.

Lu, your guess is reasonable.

But who could tell what would happen in the future Now that you can get five million, and I can also get what I want.

Is it improper for such doing”

“Yes, we can get the best of both worlds if we do that.

But one thing is less than good.” Lu Heting stretched out his fingers and picked up the check.

“The money you gave is too little…”


Du smiled happily, “Then how much do you want”

As long as he was tempted, everything would be fine.

If he could get the money and get rid of Su Bei, Su Bei would be heartbroken and hurt by love.

It would be easier for Su Bei to think of Du Luos kindness and come back to help her solve the current trouble.

“You cant afford the price I want.” Lu Heting cast a sidelong glance at her.

“Tell me the number!” Mrs.

Du insisted.

“Su Bei is priceless.

She is not for sale.” Lu Heting pushed the check back.

“Next time, dont insult her with such a worthless check.”


Dus face trembled.

“You, you are just a member of the Lu Group.

How dare you talk to me like that”

But she didnt know why she lost the courage when she looked into Lu Hetings calm eyes.


Du, who had always been arrogant, felt the sense of oppression from the man in front of her somehow.

Lu Heting said, “Then you can use the Du family as a bargaining chip to provoke me, a member of the Lu Group.”

His voice was so calm that he didnt even look at Mrs.


If Lu Heting didnt have to hide his real identity, Mrs.

Du would have no right to see him.


Du didnt know what to say for a moment.

She had prepared a lot of words to humiliate the man in front of her, but she felt that she couldnt say a word.

Damn it! Mrs.

Du felt that she was going to suffer from hypertension.


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