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Chapter 219: Chapter 219 The Subtle Protection

With her fingers reaching out, Su Bei patted on the back of Lu Hetings hand and said, “Auntie, this is my husband.”

Lu Heting was mollified by Su Beis words.

His breath became gentle and there was an unconscious smile on the corner of his mouth.


Du was surprised.

“What do you mean, Su Bei” Mrs.

Du didnt believe that Su Bei had already gotten married, or that she didnt believe that Su Bei felt no longing for her son.

Su Bei smiled.

“Auntie, I dont want to repeat myself.

Im speaking the language of S Country.

I think you can understand,”

Su Bei tried to be polite, but she didnt want to talk so formally.


Du looked at Lu Heting up and down.

This man, in terms of height and temperament, could not be ignored, maybe even a little better than her son.

However, in terms of ability and family background, he might not be like his son.

No wonder Su Bei liked him, and no wonder Su Bei could only find a man like him.

“Whats your profession, Mr.

Lu” Mrs.

Du said in a slightly contemptuous tone.

“He works in the Lu Group,” Su Bei immediately said.

She didnt want Lu Heting to be looked down upon because of her.

This subtle protection made Lu Heting feel a little excited.

‘Well, sure enough, Bei Bei still cares about me.


Du looked at Lu Heting up and down again.

The Lu Group was indeed a big group.

Although Lu Heting kept a low profile and others didnt know his real identity, the group was so powerful and rich that people couldnt ignore it.

As the lady of the Du family, of course Mrs.

Du had heard of the Lu Group.

Judging from the overall situation, this Mr.

Lu must be a mid-and-upper level member of the Lu Group.

Judging from the car he drove, he might be a mid-level person of the group.


Du remembered that a senior manager of the Lu group generally drove the car that valued millions.

If he was just a mid-level manager, then his condition couldnt compare with that of the Du family.


Du smiled and asked, “Have you held a wedding ceremony”

“Not yet.” Su Bei shook her head.

“It depends on Su Bei.

I can arrange it at any time.” Without a wedding ceremony, Lu Heting felt it was a pity.


Du understood that the two might not be married.

Besides, judging from the way Su Bei and Lu Heting got along with each other, it was not that natural.

It was still uncertain whether they would get married in the future.


Du picked up the coffee cup, but she didnt hold it steadily.

The coffee spilled out all of a sudden, and the it quickly flowed over and stained the hands and skirt of Su Bei.

“Im so sorry, Su Bei.

Let me compensate you,” Mrs.

Du said apologetically.

Seeing that it was only a little coffee stain, Su Bei frowned slightly and said, “No, thanks.

Ill go to the bathroom to clean myself.”

She couldnt really ask Mrs.

Du to compensate for her clothes.

Su Bei stood up and went to the bathroom.

Then Mrs.

Du took out a check and handed it to Lu Heting.

She smiled and said, “Mr.

Lu, can you leave Su Bei”

“So you want me to fill it myself” Looking at the blank check in front of him, Lu Hetings eyes narrowed slightly.


Du thought he was tempted, so she smiled and said, “Yes, you can fill it yourself.

In fact, I like Su Bei very much.

Im glad that shes back.

Let bygones be bygones.”

Lu Heting picked up the check and glanced at it indifferently.


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