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Chapter 217: Chapter 217 I Like It Very Much

“Im completely fine! Besides, I need to go out for a walk, have some coffee or something else to recover my spirit.” Every word Lu Heting said sounded reasonable.

So Su Bei agreed his proposal.

When they went to the underground parking lot, Lu Heting was about to open his car door when Su Bei waved her hand and said, “Get in my car.

Ill drive my car!”

Then Lu Heting got into her car.

Su Bei liked her car very much.

The car gave her a good driving experience, and every place seemed to be specially made for her!

If only she had had this car some time ago.

So she wanted to drive the car more.

Looking at her happy face, Lu Heting asked, “Do you like this car very much”

“Yes, I like it very much! I wish I could drive it every day!” Su Bei easily started the car.

As long as she liked it, Lu Heting nodded slightly.

According to her preferences, height, weight and driving habits, he had made a sketch of the car through the night.

He had refined the whole appearance and adjusted all the data.

He had gathered the top designers in the world to assemble the car.

Then he gave the car to her.

As long as she liked it.


Du made an appointment with Su Bei in a cafe of a seven star hotel.

As the lady of the Du family, she had an elegant temperament.

After she sat down, a waiter handed her a menu.

“Please give me a cup of raspberry juice,” Mrs.

Du ordered the drink expertly.

This coffee shop was not famous for its coffee, but for its raspberry juice, which was not written on the menu.

People who seldom came here had never heard of this name.

To some extent, knowing this name was a status symbol.

The waiter bent and said, “Im sorry, lady.

This drink is sold out.”


Du knew that this drink was limited to nine cups a day, and it was expected to be sold out at this time.

Then she ordered a cup of coffee casually.

In the past few days, Du Luo had been discussing with her about the engagement with Su Huixian.


Du didnt like Su Bei, because she withdrew from the marriage before, which made the Du family greatly embarrassed.

But at the thought that her son was going to marry the daughter of a mistress, Mrs.

Du felt that she would rather accept Su Bei than accept Su Huixian.

She didnt want the Du family to be judged by everyone in the future.

Moreover, recently, a lot of embarrassing rumors about Su Huixian had been exposed.

Although Su Huixian still had chance to make things right, Mrs.

Du felt ashamed for Su Huixian just by looking at the news.

The daughter of the mistress was indeed the daughter of the mistress.

She was not decent enough.

She didnt know if she owed the Su family in her previous life.

There were so many good girls in the world, but her son was determined to choose among the daughters of the Su family.

She ordered a cup of coffee and waited for Su Bei.

Finally, she saw that Su Bei got out of a car and then gave the car key to the parking attendant.

An ordinary car appeared at a seven star hotel.

It was really… awkward.

But it was not bad for Mrs.



Du was more confident in todays meeting.

But why was there a man with Su Bei

This man was tall, handsome and extraordinary.

No one could underestimate him.

But Mrs.

Du soon thought of the car they drove together.

According to the brand of the car, even if the car had top level equipment, it would only cost hundreds of thousands.


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