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Chapter 216: Chapter 216 The Man Bei Bei Loves Most

The cost of living in a five star hotel for two months was equivalent to the income of their whole family for half a year.

Without any twists, Lu Hang bought the house.

As soon as he bought the house, the construction workers stopped working and the noise suddenly stopped.

Lu Hang did the same to the other residents of the building and bought their houses one by one.

Of course, things were not going well sometimes.

After all, some people were unwilling to move.

However, it was not a big problem.

Lu Hang would fix it sooner or later.

Sitting in the living room and reading her own schedule appointments, Su Bei was absorbed in it.

It was not until Gun Gun rubbed his sleepy eyes that she remembered that she hadnt heard the noise from upstairs for a long time.

No wonder she wasnt so upset just now.

She felt relaxed both physically and mentally.

“Eh Are they finished” Su Bei looked at the ceiling strangely.

Aunt Chen came back and said, “Yes, it has been stopped for a while.

But I guess they will continue their work tomorrow.

A few days ago, when you were not at home, the noise was so loud that Mr.

Gun Gun couldnt take a nap.”

Su Bei rubbed Gun Guns round face with concern.

“If they continue their work again tomorrow, Aunt Chen, please take Gun Gun to the hotel for a nap.

He has the habit of taking a nap for two hours every day.

If he cant sleep well, he will be in a bad mood.”


If theres still any noise tomorrow, Ill take Mr.

Gun Gun out.”

Sitting aside, Lu Heting thought that Lu Hang was efficient and it was time to give him bonus this month.

“Are you feeling better” Su Bei walked towards Lu Heting and touched his forehead with Gun Gun in her arms.

Holding her hand on his forehead, Lu Heting said, “It seems that I still need some time.”

In particular, he needed to be hugged by Su Bei.

But Su Bei directly put Gun Gun on his legs and let him hold Gun Gun.

Lu Heting held his son, full of resentment.

“You look much better now.

You are a person in good health.

Because your fever is brought down very quickly.”

Hearing her praise, Lu Heting didnt know whether he should be happy or not.

Su Bei held Gun Gun in her arms.

“Forget it.

Youd better not hold Gun Gun.

What if you infect him with the virus later Hes not as strong as you.”

She not only didnt want to hold him, but also took his son away.

Lu Heting complained again.

Gun Gun said to Lu Heting complacently, “Bei Bei cares about me more.

Im still the man Bei Bei loves most!

No, the boy!”

A phone rang and Su Bei answered it in a hurry.


Hello, auntie,” Su Bei said in surprise.

She had thought that she would never have any intersection with them.

The person on the phone asked her out for a cup of coffee sincerely.

After thinking for a while, Su Bei said, “Okay, lets meet later.”

“Are you going out” Lu Heting asked softly.

“Yes, Mrs.

Du wants to see me.

I dont know what she wants to say,” Su Bei said.

“Du Luos mother”

“Yes,” nodded Su Bei.

“Then Ill go with you.” Lu Heting didnt trust Du Luo and the Du family.

Since Su Bei had nothing to do with them, why did they want to see Su Bei

Su Bei smiled.

“You havent recovered, have you Youd better have a good rest at home.

Ill be careful.”

Lu Heting really wanted to travel in time and take his words—it seems that I still need some time” back.


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