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Chapter 211: Chapter 211 We Can Afford All Her Kids

Of course, Lu Heting hoped that the kid was his son.

However, he didnt dare to have such a hope.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Five years ago, he had been greatly disappointed.

Five years later, he didnt dare to gamble anything.

It was the first time that Lu Weijian had seen his brother in such a depressed situation.

His brother could be domineering and controlled the whole Lu Group.

His brother could take iron-fisted moves to control those unconvinced executives.

But now he no longer looked confident.

Well, Lu Weijian had to admire Su Bei.

In the world, only she could control his brother.

Everything had its vanquisher.

It was right.

“Brother, brother, let me ask you a question.

If my sister-in-law really has a son, lets assume that the child is yours, and you will certainly raise the kid, right”

Of course, Lu Heting was sure of that.

“If the kid is not your son…”

Lu Hetings deep-set black eyes looked at him.

He couldnt hide the trace of disappointment in there.

However, the disappointment slowly diminished.

For a moment, Lu Weijian didnt know whether it was the calm before the storm or the disappointment had really dispersed, so he didnt dare to speak.

Lu Heting said calmly, “As long as he is Su Beis son, he is my son too.

I believe she has her own difficulties.”

As for the reason why she hadnt told him yet, she must have her reason.

If she trusted him enough, she would tell him.

She hadnt told him yet, because he hadnt done enough.

Lu Heting soon came to this answer.

Just like she left five years ago, he must have a lot of responsibility.

In a short time, Lu Heting had shouldered all the responsibilities.

Yes, it must be.

Even if the whole world was wrong, it was impossible for Su Bei to do something wrong!

He was so determined.

No matter who the childs father was, Lu Heting would be the childs father in the future.

Lu Weijian was shocked by his brothers imposing manner.

Sure enough, his brother hadnt changed.

Although sometimes he was in a tangle, when he made a decision, he would take decisive actions.

Lu Weijian patted his brother on the shoulder and said, “Thats right.

It doesnt matter how many children she has.

As long as the kid is born by my sister-in-law, he is the child of our Lu family, isnt he We can afford all her kids!”

His words sounded very awkward.

Lu Hetings cold eyes slowly moved to Lu Weijians palm that on his shoulder.

Lu Weijian suddenly realized that his action was not proper.

So he quickly withdrew his hand.

After thinking for a while, Lu Weijian stretched out his hand again.

This time, he could only pull his brothers sleeve and seriously reminded him, “Brother, no matter what, she is my sister-in-law.

You cant let other men take her away!”

Lu Heting believed that Su Bei wouldnt do anything stupid, so he trusted her.

But he didnt know what kind of man Da Bao was.

He had to figure it out.

Su Bei had no idea what Lu Heting had gone through.

She came back home after having dinner with Lin Moli.

Lu Heting didnt come back.

She put the night snack she brought to him into the fridge and left a note before she fell asleep happily with Gun Gun in her arms.


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