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Chapter 209: Chapter209 There Are So Many Beautiful Women in the World

Lu Heting threw the documents in his hand on the table and said, “Correct them.

Get off work after you finish them.”

Lu Weijian glanced at the documents and found that there were a lot of comments and notes on them.

He sighed in his heart,Sure enough, when my brother is in a bad mood, he is more picky and rigorous about his work.

It seemed that there was some kind of magic radar on Lu Hetings body.

The more depressed he was, the stronger his working ability would be.

Even if sometimes Lu Weijian got the punctuation wrong, he couldnt hide it from Lu Heting!

If he had to make all the changes in the documents, maybe he could get off work only after tomorrow morning.

With a sigh, Lu Weijian picked up the documents and looked at Lu Hang.

Both of them saw despair in each others eyes.

The whole night passed.

When the morning came, Lu Weijian got up from the chair.

The two of them fell asleep in the middle of last night.

Drinking Red Bull was useless.

They finally fell asleep.

Looking out of the window, the sun had risen and it was already eight fifty.

Lu Weijian kicked Lu Hang awake and said, “Wake up, its time to start work!”

Lu Hang rolled over, and the two of them hurriedly sorted out the documents and ran out.

The staff of the company were running to the meeting room.

Seeing that everyone looked very serious, they knew that Lu Heting had a conference call.

Lu Weijian and Lu Hang followed the crowd.

Lu Heting didnt have a good rest on the ship.

Besides, he didnt sleep all night last night.

Although he didnt look that gloomy, it could be seen that he was tired and lonely.

He began to deal with business seriously.

Lu Weijian and Lu Hang were anxious.

Lu Heting couldnt carry on like this! He worked day and night every day.

What if he got sick

But since Lu Heting was talking about something important, they couldnt stop him.

He was a workaholic and spent most of his time on work.

Now, he was more engaged.

Lu Weijian and Lu Hang had to stand aside and wait for him to finish the meeting.

The meeting was finally over until noon.

Lu Heting looked at them and asked, “Where are the documents you have changed”

“Here you are.” The two presented the documents at the same time.

Lu Heting took them and read them carefully.

Then he signed his name on them.

His handwriting was flowing and graceful.

“Ill give you two half a day off this afternoon.

Go back and have a rest.” Putting down his pen, Lu Heting said, “As for the business meeting, I need another assistant to help me.”

Lu Weijian advised, “Why dont you go back and have a rest first Its not that urgent to talk about it.”

“Yes, Mr.


Our partners are not in a hurry,” Lu Hang added.

“No, thanks,” Lu Heting denied.

“Brother, you might physically collapse if you continue to do that.” Lu Weijian made Lu Hang a sign to make an arrangement for the schedule of Lu Heting and let him have time to have a rest.

Lu Hang walked out quickly.

Noticing that Lu Heting didnt listen to him, Lu Weijian became anxious and said, “There are so many beautiful women in the world.

Why dont you change another one”

“What did you say” Lu Heting frowned and cast a cold glance at Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian took the risk and said, “I said that woman is not a big deal.

If she has a crush on someone, you can just let her go.

Brother, you are tall and handsome.

Besides, you are very outstanding.

Are you afraid that you cant find any other women Now that Su Bei has another man, you can just divorce her.

But why do you do that to yourself”


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