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Chapter 207: Chapter 207 It Turns out That He Would Also Be Frustrated One Day

Lu Hetings tapped on the keyboard, and Su Beis information was displayed on the screen.

However, as before, he could only find out her public personal information, and knew nothing about her private life.

It was not that he couldnt ask Su Bei face to face, but he was afraid that what happened five years ago would repeat.

He was afraid of giving her too much pressure, so that she would run away again and disappear without a trace.

Lu Heting loosened his tie with his slender fingers.

The little boys figure just now repeatedly appeared in front of him and hovered in his mind.

Lu Heting tried another way, but still got nothing.

His skill was always superb.

No matter how deep something was hidden, there would always be clues that could be found.

But he couldnt find any private information about Su Bei, as if someone had blocked all her information for her.

He didnt know where she lived in the United States, what friends she had, and how her emotional life was.

Lu Weijian and Lu Hang came in with some documents.

They shivered at the atmosphere in the office.

Was it because the air-conditioner was too cooler

Although Lu Heting was usually aloof, he seldom made people shiver.

It was too terrifying.

Lu Weijian shivered and took the document over.

He didnt know who irritated his brother again.

The only name Lu Weijian could think of was Su Bei.

Since he grew up with Lu Heting, he knew only this sister-in-law could do that.

“Brother, these are all for you to review.” Lu Weijian handed the documents to Lu Heting and noticed that Lu Heting didnt look well.

He glanced at the screen.

It was financial news.

Was the company in financial trouble now

No, it was impossible.

The company had always been running very well.

Especially with his brothers iron-fisted moves, everything was in order.

“Then Ill get the documents later” Lu Weijian asked.

“Okay,” Lu Heting replied without looking at Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian walked out with Lu Hang.

Then he asked curiously, “What happened”

“I dont know,” Lu Hang said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Didnt you say that you were on a ship Is he still in a bad mood after the trip

“Everything was fine, and he also brought a girl into his room.” Lu Hang had his own professional ethics.

He would never tell anyone about Lu Hetings private affairs, except Lu Weijian.

Although Lu Heting and Lu Weijian were not biological brothers, they were more like biological brothers.

As expected, Lu Weijian was more interested in this topic.

“And then”

“When we got off the ship, that woman left without waiting for Mr.

Lu, so…”

“Hahaha…” Lu Weijian laughed happily and said, “It turns out that he would also be frustrated one day!”

“I also wonder why that woman is so bold.

Other people want to stay a little longer with Mr.


They even make a good plan for that.

However, that woman didnt seem to care much about it.

Then I picked up a hair clip.


Lu must have planned to send it to her.

After he came back, he was like this.

I dont know what happened.

It seems that the woman needs to learn a lesson.”

Hearing this, Lu Weijian quickly covered Lu Hangs mouth, “Hush! She is my sister-in-law! Do you want to die”

“You mean Mr.

Lu… Is he really married” Lu Hang was shocked.


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