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Chapter 205: Chapter 205 My Wife Is Back


Lu really hoped that her son could have feelings for Liao Xintong, but she didnt dare to arrange a meeting between the two of them directly.

It was a coincidence to meet Liao Xintong today.

She hoped that this coincidence could change her sons mind a little.

“Heting, Ive ordered some dishes.

Do you have anything to add” Mrs.

Lu handed the menu to Lu Heting.

“Thats it.” Lu Heting didnt take over the menu.


Lu took back the menu awkwardly.

Gun Gun sat next to Liao Xintong.

He always liked to talk, but he also sensed his daddys unhappiness, so he kept his mouth shut.

In fact, he didnt like to see Liao Xintong, but his grandmother said that she was mommys sister and it was good to see her.

As for the word “mommy”, it didnt mean anything to Gun Gun.

He just knew that everyone had mommy, but he didnt.

In the past, Gun Gun always thought that it would be good if he had a mother, but he had never been able to portray a specific image of a mother in his mind.

Because he didnt know anything at all about a mother.

Especially after he had Bei Bei, he hadnt thought about his mother for a long time.

No, no, no.

He shook his head.

He was going to marry Bei Bei.

How could he take Bei Bei as his mommy

The dishes were served soon.

Liao Xintong picked up a shrimp for Gun Gun and said, “Gun Gun, eat more.”

She loved Gun Guns cute face.

His face was so cute that it could arouse her desire to protect him in her heart.

After saying “thank you”, Gun Gun lowered his head to eat.

In fact, Liao Xintong was a little disappointed.

She always wanted to have a good relationship with Gun Gun.

However, this child looked very soft and cute, but in fact, he rarely talked to her too much.

He was as aloof as Lu Heting.


Lu, lets have the meal.” Liao Xintong kindly reminded Lu Heting when she saw that he didnt take his chopsticks.

Lu Heting frowned slightly.

“Come on, its time to eat now.” Mrs.

Lu greeted Liao Xintong with a smile.

Everyone was eating in silence.

Lu Heting didnt eat much.

Gun Gun was also aloof.

Liao Xintong knew that the father and son didnt like her, so she said after eating something, “Auntie, I have something to do, so I have to go now.”

“Okay, go ahead with your work,” Mrs.

Lu said with a smile.

Gun Gun waved at her with the same cold expression as Lu Hetings.


Lu looked at her son and grandson and criticized them.

But she also knew that she couldnt force them.

After getting in the car, Mrs.

Lu said with a smile, “Heting, Xintong said that her fathers birthday party would be held next month.

At that time, we can also prepare a gift and go there to congratulate him.

Anyway, we cant be too rude.”

Since Lu Heting had to drive, he cheered up and heard his mothers words.

He said in a low voice, “Didnt you say before that Gun Gun and I had nothing to do with her family”


Lu was speechless.

Although that was the case, she still wanted to seek to change.

Lu Heting knew that his mother had been choosing the right person for him.

Except for Liao Xintong, his mother also introduced other women to him.

If he didnt have Gun Gun, he might be able to maintain a basic social contact with the Liao family.

But now he had Gun Gun.

If he still maintained social connections with the Liao family, it was inevitable for other people to have some ambiguous conjectures.

He said calmly, “Mom, my wife is back.

You dont need to introduce anyone else to me.”


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