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Chapter 202: Chapter 202 Im Pregnant

Although Du Luos parents hated Su Bei because she had withdrawn from the marriage and made the Du family lose face, they didnt like Su Huixian either.

It was mainly because of the label of “the daughter of a mistress” on Su Huixian.

They could not get rid of this title in any way.

When Xu Zhiqin came to the Su family with Su Huixian, it caused a great sensation because Su Bei”s mother committed suicide.

Many years had passed, and the impact of this matter had been reduced to the minimum.

Five years ago, Su Bei suddenly withdrew from her marriage and ran away from home.

She had left for five years, and the label was back to Su Huixian again.

After all, the Du family was a prestigious family.

Du Luos parents didnt object to their sons love affairs, but every time Du Luo mentioned marriage, his parents would refuse him.

Although the Su family was rich, it was still a little inferior to the Du family.

Moreover, with Su Huixians identity, the Du family would be humiliated in the future.

If Du Luos parents had to choose, they would rather choose Su Bei than Su Huixian.

Therefore, when Su Bei stayed in the Su family, Su Huixian and her mother hated Su Bei.

After Su Bei left, Su Huixian and her mother still hated Su Bei to the core.

Maybe only when Su Bei died could they have a real peaceful life.

A hint of cruelty flashed through Su Huixians eyes.

Du Luo focused on driving and didnt notice that.

It was impossible for Su Huixian to really kill Su Bei.

She had thought about her relationship with Du Luo for a long time.

She had to marry into the Du family.

At least, she had to get engaged first, so that she could recover the loss of her reputation caused by the appearance of Su Bei.

She had come up with an idea and said in a low voice, “Du Luo, Im pregnant.”

“What Are you pregnant” Du Luo stepped on the brake.

He was really happy.

Although his parents didnt agree with the marriage, he had a sincere feeling for Su Huixian.

Su Huixian threw herself into Du Luos arms and said, “Yes, its true.

I seemed to forget to take medicine last time, so… Although Im a little nervous, Ive made up my mind that I will give birth to the baby no matter your parents agree our marriage or not.”

Du Luo was really touched.

Su Huixian was still young and was in the ascendant of her career, but she was willing to give birth to the baby for him.

She was so gentle and considerate.

If it were Su Bei, she would never do this for him.

Su Bei was too independent and refused to compromise easily for him.

Otherwise, how could he fall in love with Su Huixian

“Now that you are pregnant, I must persuade my parents to agree with our marriage,” Du Luo promised.

Su Huixian smiled happily.

However, she pinched her palm subconsciously.

After all, it was easy to expose the fact that she was not pregnant, but it was not difficult to disguise it in the early stage of pregnancy.

As long as she got engaged first, she could consolidate her position and solve the big trouble—Su Bei.

It was a good thing to kill two birds with one stone.

Before getting off the ship, Su Bei sent a WeChat message to Lu Heting.

“Ill go with Lv Shan.

You have to accompany Mr.

Weijian, right We are not going in the same direction, so Im leaving first.

I will come back early tonight.”

Lu Heting frowned when he received the WeChat message.

Seeing that the people in the lower cabin were getting off the ship one by one, and Su Bei was followed by her agent and reporters, he frowned for a long time and replied, “Okay.”

Looking at Mr.

Lus expression, Lu Hang didnt dare to say anything since Mr.

Lu received the WeChat message.


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