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Chapter 200: Chapter 200 Who Is the Top Leader

“Okay,” Su Bei nodded.

Not knowing why, every time he said he would solve something, Su Bei would unconditionally trust him.

Perhaps he always made her feel that he was always trustworthy, so that she didnt need to think too much to get the result she wanted.

She used to do everything by herself, but now it seemed that she was getting more and more accustomed to relying on Lu Heting and didnt need to think about anything.

Lu Heting walked out and called Lu Hang over, whispering to him.

Lu Hang looked curiously at Lu Hetings room.

He had been working for Mr.

Lu for many years, but he had never seen Mr.

Lu being intimate with any woman.

Last night, Mr.

Lu saved a woman and took her directly to his room without other peoples help.

Did it mean that the woman was the mother of Mr.

Gun Gun Or did he guess wrong

However, it was only in a second that Lu Hang calmed down and went to the lower floor to arrange the things that Lu Heting told him.

In the lower cabin, celebrities, agents, reporters were busy with social activities.

A staff shouted, “Please come to the front hall.


Weijian from the Lu Group has prepared some gifts for everyone.”


Weijian Really He is a noble person of the Lu Group.

He prepared gifts for us”

“Maybe Mr.

Weijian has a crush on the beautiful woman here.”

Several young female stars began to joke with each other.

“Di Xing Media Company, an entertainment company under the Lu Group, is one of the best entertainment companies in the country.

Since Mr.

Weijian prepared gifts for everyone, maybe he wants to contact with some new employees, or maybe he is planning to purchase other companies, right”

Although they were discussing, no one wanted to miss such an opportunity.

They all went to the front hall.

It didnt matter what the gifts were.

It was an opportunity to get close to a big company like the Lu Group.

Soon, all the people on the deck went to the front hall.

The deck was empty now.

Hearing what the people downstairs said, Su Bei said to Lu Heting, “Does Mr.

Weijian know that you will give others gifts in his name”

“Anyway, he is always generous.

It doesnt matter.”

“Okay, Ill go downstairs.” With a smile on her face, Su Bei tiptoed to her own room.

Not long after she entered the room, there was a knock on the door.

Lv Shans voice sounded, “Su Bei, do you want to go to the front hall People of the Lu Group are over there.”

“No, I dont want to go there.” Su Bei opened the door.

She knew the gift was just a cover up, and it had nothing to do with any resources.

Of course she didnt want to go there.

“Maybe Mr.

Weijian will come.

Why dont we try our luck After all, Mr.

Weijian is the vice president of the Lu Group.”

Su Bei felt strange.

“Vice president Isnt he the top leader Then who is the top leader”

“There is someone else in charge.

The Lu Group has always been mysterious, and it didnt even have the sense of existence in the whole society before.

The group is a very low-key company.

It has accumulated hundreds of years of wealth and inheritance, but it has always been very low-key.

In these years, many good works and actors have stood out from the Di Xing Media Company, so the Lu Group also appeared in public.

So I dont know who the top leader is.”


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