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Chapter 186: Chapter186 Find out What He Was Looking at

After the magazine was released, its sales soared all the way, heading straight to the record of Feng Shangs highest sales volume over the past years.

In addition, fans of all supermodels attached great importance to the sales.

Everyone wanted to buy a magazine to help their idols boost sales, so the sales volume had hit an all-time record high.

This sales figure quickly broke the records of previous few years.

It was known to all that printed magazines had long been less popular now than in previous years.

It was because everyone preferred the convenience and efficiency of electronic versions more.

So being able to break the sales records was a very remarkable achievement for this edition.

Qiu Minxuan counted the sales volume for Su Huixian and found that lots of Su Huixians fans bought the magazine.

“Although you are only on the back cover, your fans still love you so much that theyve bought a lot of copies for you.” Qiu Minxuan showed the data to Su Huixian.

“Maybe Feng Shang will have a better sales record if you are on the front cover.

Su Huixian just looked at the record without saying anything.

She knew that no matter how many fans she had, her popularity was still no match for Lin Yu.

But with the fame she had accumulated for several years, it was still easy for her to defeat Su Bei.

After the shooting, Feng Shang arranged a two-day and one-night cruise to celebrate its 20th anniversary and the successful completion of everyones work.

On that day, Su Bei boarded the cruise ship with everyone.

It was an ultra-luxury cruise ship especially chartered by Feng Shang.

Feng Shang also invited many artists and celebrities to board the cruise ship.

No one was willing to miss such an opportunity to get to know more people in the entertainment industry and obtain more resources.

When everyone was boarding the ship, a group of people was about to get down from the top floor of the ship.

They were led by an outstandingly tall and handsome man, none other than Lu Heting.

Behind him were two potbellied men.

One of them said to him anxiously, “Mr.

Lu, please wait.

We can talk about the cooperation again.


Lu Hetings assistant stopped them from approaching him.

Today, it was not easy for the two bosses to finally meet Lu Heting.

But because of the differences in their negotiation, they didnt reach an agreement.

And it made Lu Heting lose his patience.

The assistant followed Lu Heting and said in a low voice, “Mr.

Lu, a magazine company is holding an event below.

Their people are boarding the ship now, so perhaps you can go down a little later.”

He was afraid that someone might bump into Lu Heting and offend him.

Lu Heting paused a little, looked down, and saw Feng Shangs logo.

He remembered that Su Bei told him that she had an event to attend in Feng Shang, and she would stay there for two days and one night.

In fact, when she left this morning, Gun Gun was very reluctant to let her go and threw himself on the sofa with tears on his face.

Lu Heting looked through the crowd and found his woman effortlessly.

Her thick, lustrous, long, and curly hair that was casually tied into a bun revealed her fair and beautiful face.

It was very eye-catching.

She looked good no matter what she wore, so she especially stood out from the crowd.

His lips curved into a beautiful smile.

The usual serious look on his face was replaced by tenderness.


Chen and Mr.

Wang, who were still following behind him, also saw this scene.

They wanted to persuade him to stay and continue to discuss business matters.

But obviously, they had screwed up their work, and there was no chance for them to save themselves.

So when they saw his reaction now, they also followed his gaze, trying to find out what he was looking at.


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