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Chapter 182: Chapter182 Had Turned the Tables

“What Youll be here soon” Su Bei felt warmth in her heart.

Actually, she had thought of asking Lu Heting for help in the daytime.

However, Da Bao had helped her solve the problem.

Since Da Bao had recovered the content of the memory card, she didnt bother Lu Heting.

Now that he rushed over in time, her mood lightened up.

Even if she no longer needed his help, she really wanted to see him at the moment.

She didnt bother to change her clothes.

Wrapped in a bath towel, she picked up her phone and walked out.

The assistant photographer was very guilty of the scandal he had caused to Su Bei.

So when he saw her go out wrapped only in a bath towel, he picked up his coat and rushed over to her.

But he was stopped by Lin Yu.

“No, thank you.”

The assistant photographer was rendered speechless.

He glanced at Lin Yu and thought,Are they really a couple

Lin Yu took one of his spare coats and followed Su Bei.

But she ran straight to the gate, and soon, a motorcycle stopped in front of her.

Lu Heting had been riding a motorcycle on his way here, so he didnt know that Su Bei had already turned the tables successfully and totally cleared her name online.

All he wanted was to immediately be there by her side to help her clarify the issue and give her a warm embrace.

When his motorcycle stopped, and he saw her wrapped only in a bath towel, and her hair was in disarray, he felt very sorry for her.

He reached out his hands and held her in his arms.

Looking at her, he couldnt imagine how many grievances she had suffered.

As Lu Heting thought of the grievances that Su Bei had suffered, he felt a sharp pang of pain in his heart.

With his coat in his hands, Lin Yu walked towards them.

When he saw the scene in front of him, he couldnt help but cough.

What was going on Was this man the one who had a flash marriage with Su Bei They had a flash marriage, right How could they be so close to each other

“Xiao Bei, wear this,” he said, handing over his coat to her.

Lu Heting let go of Su Bei and looked at Lin Yu.

Well, he was indeed good-looking.

He was as pure and beautiful as jade.

But he was too young.

He and Su Bei didnt match at all.

Lu Heting took off his coat and wrapped it around Su Beis shoulders.

Lin Yu withdrew his hand angrily.

He wanted to say some harsh words to Lu Heting.

But when he saw Lu Hetings face and found that Lu Heting and Da Bao looked exactly the same, he changed his mind.

He didnt want to argue with Da Bao.

So upon seeing that Lu Heting and Da Bao looked the same, he also didnt want to argue with Lu Heting.

“Su Bei, Im definitely sure that you didnt push the little girl, let alone use her as a tool to achieve your goal.

Someone must have framed you,” Lu Heting said firmly.

“The person who framed you is likely to be in the studio.

Do you have any clues”


Its Luo Li, one of the supermodels who also shot with us.”

Lu Hetings eyebrows slightly relaxed.

“Now that the suspect has been identified, its much easier to find evidence.”

“Ive already found the evidence.

She set up a camera to take a video of herself saving Meng Meng.

But she didnt expect that the camera also captured that moment when she pushed the little girl.

Whats even worse is that she formatted the memory card and scratched it with a key in an attempt to destroy the evidence.”

Lu Heting frowned, but he said with confidence, “Let me fix it.”

“No need.

Da… Lin Stone has helped me fix it.

You must have been riding your motorcycle just now, so you dont know that the problem has been resolved, right But thank you for caring so much for me,” Su Bei said with a smile.


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