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Chapter 176: Chapter176 What She Could Get Was Not Justice

Luo Li believed that it was impossible to restore the photos in this memory card, no matter how skilled the technician was.

So she put on a very relaxed smile and glanced out of the corner of her eye at Su Bei.

The expression on her face seemed to be pronouncing Su Beis complete failure.

Actually, she didnt have to deny that she had turned on the camera.

There was no evidence to prove what she did, so Su Bei would always be the biggest suspect.

And Su Bei would also become a female artist mocked by the netizens.

Perhaps, today, she would witness the beginning of everyones resistance to Su Bei.

“Well, you can go out first.

I will let you know if there is any news,” Wei Lan said after taking the memory card from Luo Li.

Luo Li glanced at Su Bei again before she turned around and walked out of the office.

She thought that Su Bei couldnt appear on the front cover anymore because Wei Lan had suspected her.

She knew that she also couldnt appear on the front cover.

But unlike Su Bei, at least, she could be featured on the inside pages.

Wei Lan checked the content of the memory card, but it was empty.

She immediately asked an elite from Feng Shangs technical department to come over and check if there was anything on the memory card.

It was difficult for her to believe Su Bei, but she never believed Luo Li either.

She had been working in this industry for many years, and she learned to only believe in evidence.

Su Bei admired Wei Lans character very much.

Only a woman like Wei Lan, who knew how to deal with work rationally, could stay in this position for a long time.

Being emotional could only work on family matters, not on major issues at work.

She especially admired Wei Lans love and care for Meng Meng.

After such a big accident, many people would think that the little girl was just being delusional.

But Wei Lan firmly believed in what Meng Meng said.

A mother like Wei Lan reminded Su Bei of her own mother.

Her mother always believed in her unconditionally and loved her just like the way Wei Lan did to Meng Meng at the moment.

But the best mother in the world for her was no longer there.

Reminiscing the past made her eyes suddenly become moist.

Wei Lan glanced at her and asked, “Do you feel guilty”

“No.” Trying to hold back her tears, Su Bei raised her head.

She would never tell anyone about her family.

It seemed that she could only reveal her true feelings naturally in front of Lu Heting.

And only in front of him could she reveal her deep desire for trust.

The elite technician stood up and said in a low voice, “Editor-in-chief, Im sorry.

It seems that this memory card has been scratched by a key.

I have no idea what photos have been here, and I cant restore them.”

“Okay, you can go out now.” Wei Lan pinched her glabella.

Was that all

Su Bei also frowned.

“The memory card has been scratched by a key”

Actually, Wei Lan had started to side with Su Bei.

The memory card that Luo Li gave her had too many problems.

What on earth caused these problems

However, if she imposed this matter on Luo Li without any evidence, what Su Bei could get was not justice but favor.

All of a sudden, Su Bei thought of someone.

She said, “Editor-in-chief, if you dont mind, I know a very powerful elite.

I can ask him to fix the memory card.”

The person she had in mind was Da Bao.

She didnt know if he could do it, but he was Feng Zes student.

Both Feng Ze and Lin Yu had already told her that he had a super talent and outstanding ability.

It was just that she didnt know much about technology, so she couldnt estimate his real strength.


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