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Chapter 165: Chapter165 Busy with Social Engagement Last Night

Last night, Gun Gun went to see Liao Xintong.

When Su Bei heard that he took it as a social engagement, she couldnt help but burst into laughter.

“Im not angry.

Your aunt loves you so much.

You should see her.”

She didnt really know who Liao Xintong was.

But since they both loved Gun Gun, she thought that they were on the same side.

And Gun Gun should also learn to feel the goodwill of others.

“Okay, Ill listen to my little cutie Bei Bei.” Gun Gun nodded and then grinned.

What Su Bei said was definitely right.

He was finally relieved and satisfied, so he obediently picked up his pajamas to take a shower and go to bed.

After taking a shower, Su Bei lay beside him.

He blinked his eyes, looked at her solemnly for a while, and said, “Bei Bei, you wont leave me, will you”

“No, I wont.

Dont worry,” Su Bei replied in a soft voice.

Gun Gun then closed his eyes with relief and happiness on his cute face.

Su Bei was not only lovely but also really good.

When the little boy had fallen asleep, Su Bei sat up and tied her long hair into a bun.

She walked out of the room and saw that Lu Heting was still watching news in the living room.

She closed the door and walked up to him.

“Gun Gun has fallen asleep,” she said as she sat down opposite him.

Lu Heting looked at her and said, “Thank you, Su Bei.

Its not your responsibility to take care of Gun Gun, but…”

“Gun Gun is a good boy, and I like him very much.

I want a son like him.” Su Bei was sincere with her words.

It would be great if her little cutie was also there.

What was more, Gun Guns existence also resolved a lot of embarrassment between her and Lu Heting, allowing them to live under the same roof and get along well.

Su Bei looked forward that in the future, Da Bao and Gun Gun would love and support each other.

Lu Hetings heart softened when he looked at her smiling face.

She then said, “By the way, Heting, since were a married couple, I think we can share the bills.

What do you think”

Today, she seemed to have made him spend a lot of money unnecessarily, and it made her feel so guilty.

Twenty-nine thousand yuan was a large sum of money for any ordinary family.

It was she who instigated him to easily spend it.

So she was trying to make up for him.

“I dont think so.

I think its a mans responsibility to take care of all household expenses,” Lu Heting subconsciously said.

For him, a woman didnt need to make money to support the family.

“Ill pay the bills.”

He worked hard to make the lives of the people he loved less strenuous.

Su Bei was deeply touched by his words.

What he said was not simply sweet words.

They represented a mans sense of responsibility.

Women wanted to hear such words not because they wanted to stop working hard, but because they wanted to know if their men were willing to take responsibility for their families.

Su Bei was stunned for a while upon hearing what he said.

The words that came out of his mouth made her heart skip a beat.

She patted her chest lightly and thought inwardly,Can this man not be so charming

But since she knew Lu Hetings condition, she went to get a small tin box and put it on the tea table.

She smiled and said, “Your idea is old-fashioned.

You dont need to support our family all by yourself, okay Nowadays, men and women are dividing the responsibilities.”


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