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Chapter 160: Chapter 160 He Cared So Much

When Lin Yu turned his head, he saw Da Baos face.

It was so exquisite that he even felt ashamed to compare his looks to Da Baos.

He was so impressed with Da Bao.

Since Lu Heting had a son like Da Bao, he might be an excellent man as well.

They almost finished eating when Su Bei picked up her bag and stood up.

“I have to go.

Da Bao, are you really not going back with me”

“Well, not for the time being,” Da Bao replied with a nod.

Lin Yu was moved.

He picked up a slice of beef for Da Bao and said, “Thats great!”


Then Ill go ahead now.

Ill come to see you another day.” Su Bei smiled gently and kissed Da Baos forehead.

Da Bao raised his hand and rubbed Su Beis hair.

He was like a real gentleman.

When Su Bei went downstairs, Lu Heting was already there.

The Bentley that he usually drove was parked in a conspicuous place waiting for her.

Actually, Lu Heting hadnt changed his car for a long time.

He had been driving this Bentley all the time.

It was his way of hiding his real identity and avoiding frightening Su Bei.

Su Bei ran over, opened the car door, and got into the car.

His car was always clean and fresh, with his cold and clear breath.

The smell of his car and his body was pleasant to the nose.

She could always inhale this faint and pleasant fragrance every time she rode in his car.

But this time, she got in the car with the smell of hotpot, so the air inside became turbid.

She quickly opened the car window to breathe some fresh air.

“Sorry, I just had a hotpot with my friends,” she said.

“With Lin Yu” Lu Heting asked.

Actually, it was not a big deal that she had a meal with her partner, so he didnt mind at all.

But probably because of the too many comments he saw on Weibo earlier from the fans who wanted Su Bei and Lin Yu to be a couple, there was a trace of jealousy in his voice at the moment.

Su Bei nodded.


Lin Stone has just come back from abroad, and he is helping me a lot right now.

So Ive invited him to eat hotpot.”

“Was he also in the United States before” Lu Heting didnt want to care.

But he couldnt help it.

He cared about this matter so much.

But he still maintained the calm look on his face.

He looked calm on the surface, but no one knew that there was a strong undercurrent of emotions inside him.

Su Bei smiled.

“Yes, youre right.

How did you know”

Lu Heting didnt say anything.

His thin lips were pressed into a tight straight line.

This was his involuntary reaction when he was unwilling to do or say something.

She didnt know why he was upset.

Maybe it was because he was too tired from work.

So she didnt say anything more and just looked out of the window casually.

Lu Heting didnt want to stiffen the atmosphere around them, let alone make Su Bei unhappy.

But now, the mood in the car had already changed before he knew it.

As he drove the car, he coughed slightly, and said, “Go shopping with me.”

“Okay,” Su Bei agreed without thinking twice.

“By the way, have you eaten yet If you havent, what do you want to eat Do you want to eat at home or outside Ill accompany you.”

“I want to eat hotpot,” Lu Heting blurted out.

He usually had a light diet and rarely ate hotpot because it had thick oil and sauce.

But when he heard that Su Bei had a hot pot with Lin Yu, he couldnt help thinking of eating it too.

It seemed that doing this thing again with her would wash away what she and others had done.

“Ha-ha! Okay, lets eat hotpot.” Su Bei had just eaten hotpot and was asked to eat hotpot again, so she couldnt help sticking out her tongue.

But she had volunteered to accompany him.

So she would do everything he asked of her, let alone have hotpot with him.


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