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Chapter 159: Chapter 159 He Felt So Sorry for Feng Ze

Lu Hetings eyes darkened as he read all the comments.

His attention was then focused on Lin Yu.

The man was indeed young and good-looking.

But he didnt look like Su Beis boyfriend at all.

Those fans must be blind.

When Lu Weijian came over to deliver some documents, he saw the frown and the pensive look on Lu Hetings face.

He thought to himself,This is not good.

Id better run away before he finds me.

“Lu Weijian!” Lu Heting called out to him.

He had no choice but to stop in his tracks.

He turned cautiously.

“Yes, brother Whats up”

“Youve just shown up at my office door.

And now youre asking me whats up” Lu Heting said sharply.

Lu Weijian had to bite the bullet and handed over the documents to him.

“Brother, here are the documents that need your signature.”

‘Dont lose your temper, please, he added inwardly.

Lu Heting took the documents.

But his eyes froze as if he was thinking about something.

Lu Weijian felt that his scalp stiffened, and his hair stood on end.

“Lu Weijian, do I look old” Lu Heting asked a question that had nothing to do with work out of the blue.

The look on Lu Weijians face abruptly changed.

He couldnt understand what was going on.

He immediately adjusted his expression and said, “Brother, why are you saying that You are not old at all.

Youre only twenty-eight years old, still young, strong, and handsome.

Youre actually in the prime of your life.”

However, Lu Heting frowned.

“But Im still five years older than her.”

He checked Lin Yus profile and found that Lin Yu was only one year older than Su Bei.

No wonder people said that Su Bei and Lin Yu were a perfect match.

Was he too old for Su Bei

Five years older than her Lu Weijian pondered on these keywords.

Recently, it seemed that only Su Bei, who hadnt come back for five years, could shake Lu Hetings mind.

He hurriedly stepped forward and massaged Lu Hetings shoulders fawningly.

“When a man is five years older than a woman, I think its just perfect.

People always say that if a woman is three years older than a man, they will become a wealthy couple.

And if a man is five years older than a woman, they will become a happy couple.

And women always prefer mature men.”

Lu Hetings eyes slightly narrowed.

Would Su Bei really like a man who was several years older than her

Or would it be better if he started dressing up as a young man

After thinking for a while, he realized that he didnt have any other styles of clothes in his wardrobe.

He only had three types of clothes: suits and shirts for his daily life, pajamas at night, and sportswear for his exercise.

Other than those, there was nothing else.

Lu Heting sent Su Bei a message on WeChat, telling her that he would pick her up after work.

He was worried that she was too busy with her work to answer her phone if he called.

So it was safer to inform her through WeChat.

Su Bei was still eating hotpot when she received Lu Hetings message.

But she quickly replied, “Okay.”

Then she suddenly remembered that she was at Lin Molis house, so she sent him another message to tell him the address.

She raised her eyes and glanced at Da Bao.

She really wanted to take a picture of him and send it to Lu Heting.

But after thinking about it, she realized that she couldnt act rashly without Da Baos consent.

She had to respect the childs opinion.

Lin Yu bit his chopsticks and looked at Su Bei.

Seeing that she was exchanging messages with Lu Heting, he couldnt help but sneer.

Was there really a man in this world more powerful than Feng Ze How could this man win Su Beis heart

He felt so sorry for Feng Ze.

Everyone knew how handsome and kind Feng Ze was.


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