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Chapter 157: Chapter157 Acting Like a Dissatisfied Woman

Su Bei almost choked on her own spit.

She knew that Lin Yu was referring to Feng Ze, the man who had been wanting to be Da Baos father for a long time now.

But he didnt only want to be Da Baos father.

He also wanted to be her husband.

It was something that she couldnt accept.

Su Bei had never forgotten that she was a married woman.

In fact, in the past five years, she did not forget Lu Heting for a moment, although she seldom thought of him actively.

After all, he possessed an unforgettable face.

And Da Bao looked exactly like him.

With this thought, Su Bei couldnt help comparing Feng Ze and Lu Heting.

Consequently, she realized that Feng Ze was only rich.

But apart from that, Lu Heting was far more superior to him in other aspects.

In terms of personality, appearance, work attitude, and care for children, Lu Heting was an excellent choice.

Su Bei smiled and squinted her eyes slightly.

The man she had randomly chosen before was really good.

It could be said that he was a perfect father.

Seeing her smile, Lin Yu asked, “Am I right Feng Ze is the right man, isnt he”


My husband is the only right man.” In her heart and mind, Su Bei had already chosen Lu Heting.

“Boo…” Lin Yu spat out the water he had just drunk.

Who the hell was Lu Heting What happened between him and Su Bei was just a flash marriage.

Why was she giving more importance to it than the relationship she had built with Feng Ze for so many years

Who was he compared to Feng Ze

Su Bei drove directly to Lin Molis house.

She preferred the hotpot cooked by Lin Moli at home because it was really amazing.

And more importantly, they wouldnt be chased by paparazzi and fans if they ate hotpot in Lin Molis house.

Lin Yus fans were so powerful.

He had not developed much in S Country, but he had such a large number of crazy fans here.

He was really a star of enviable popularity.

When they arrived at Lin Molis house, Lin Yu saw Da Bao.

He ran towards Da Bao and hugged the little boy so tight.

His warm hug made Da Bao feel a little helpless.

He whispered, “Lin Yu, Im almost out of breath.

Can you use your enthusiasm on your fans instead”

“My fans are not as lovely and cute as you, Da Bao.

Only you deserve my warmest embrace.” Lin Yu rubbed Da Baos chubby cheek.

Since Da Bao was born and raised in the United States, he had a very good relationship with Lin Yu.

So although he disliked it, he still let Lin Yu rub his face.

“I miss you so much.

Youve never been away from me for a long time like this.

If you will have your dad in the future, will I be no longer important to you” There was a trace of complaint in Lin Yus voice.

Su Beis mouth twitched.

For sure, Lin Yus fans would not have imagined that a man who was as bright as the sunshine like him had such a bitter side.

He was acting like a dissatisfied woman.

She rolled up her sleeves and went to help Lin Moli in the kitchen.

Lin Moli didnt say hello to Lin Yu.

After all, he only focused on Da Bao right now.

Perhaps he would only come to the table once he smelled the delicious aroma of the hotpot.

Sure enough, as soon as Lin Yu smelled the aroma of the hotpot, he let go of Da Bao and quickly ran to the table.

After rolling up his sleeves, he picked up the chopsticks and started cooking the meat.

He didnt even bother to exchange pleasantries.

Instead, he shouted, “Xiao Bei, Moli, Da Bao, come here! Lets eat!”

Lin Yu was so famous that even Feng Shang was proud that he was invited to take part in their video.


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