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Chapter 153: Chapter 153 Someone Very Attractive

Su Huixian smiled and said, “Lv Shan is not an amiable agent.

Perhaps she has found a funny partner for Su Bei.”

Qiu Minxuan also smiled.

“I wonder who he is.

Maybe it is one of those actors who specialize in harlequins or a comedian who is funny but not fashionable at all.”

Su Huixian secretly nodded in agreement.

Other than those Qiu Minxuan had mentioned, she couldnt think of anyone else who could cause such a sensation.

People were naturally fond of watching comedy shows and funny performers, hunting for excitement and strangeness.

Only those kinds of actors could gather a crowd.

“Well, lets go and have a look too,” Su Huixian suggested.

Kang Peng, the photographer, also hurried outside.

Su Huixian smiled.

It seemed that even the photographer liked watching funny shows.


Zhuang, do you want to go out and have a look too” Su Huixian turned to Zhuang Wenhao, who was resting on the side and asked with a smile.

Zhuang Wenhao smiled.


Ill just wait here.”

As the best actor, he felt that being a part of the crowd was beneath his dignity.

Besides, he thought that there was nothing good to see there.

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan were about to leave when Kang Peng walked in with a tall young man.

He was wearing a simple white T-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers.

But he looked like a beautiful walking jade, shining with warm light, making the simplest clothes as luxurious and eye-catching as the customized ones.

Around him was a group of fans, screaming and giggling crazily.

Their faces flushed with excitement.

It turned out that these fans were not outsiders who came all the way here to see him.

They were all the staff in the studio who hadnt started working yet.

So this man must be someone very attractive.

Su Huixian suddenly felt that the man looked familiar.

Was he Lin Yu Lin Yu was a famous model who had been developing in the United States.

He had won all awards and started to enter the film industry.

Countless great directors had applauded him for his acting skills.

Many people even called him “The Beacon of Global Chinese.”

When Su Huixian got closer, she couldnt help but smile.

Indeed, he was Lin Yu.

But why was he here Would Feng Shang feature him on their next issue

It was such a surprise to see him here.

In the past two years, Lin Yu had obviously reduced his workload, but his popularity remained the same.

After all, he was the only native of S Country who had conquered both the United States and S Country markets and gained high popularity in both countries.

But he seldom appeared in S Country.

He didnt attend any other activities except film conferences.

Why did he come here all of a sudden

A layer of pink crept across Su Huixians face.

She felt so lucky today.

Aside from having Zhuang Wenhao as her partner, she also got the chance to meet Lin Yu.

Maybe she could make friends with Lin Yu later and get his phone number.

Maybe she could get a chance to work with him in the future.

Su Huixian was about to walk towards Lin Yu when she heard him say to the fans around him, “Everyone, can you give me some time and let me work first Please…”

His pleasant voice and doting tone made all the women around him nod.

“Photographer, can we start working now” He smiled like a gentleman.

Kang Peng, who felt flattered, hurriedly said, “Sure! Lin Yu, this way, please.”

Su Huixian paused and asked herself,Lin Yu is going to work now What is he going to shoot


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