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There were a total of eight male guests on the stage.

They were divided into two groups to decide the winners.

The winners would be divided into two groups again to decide the final winner.

The audience below the stage was also very lively, expressing their satisfaction with this event.

He Xuyan was in the same group as Mu Kai, and the others were also assigned into groups.

Mu Kai was very confident in his arm strength.

Just as he was hesitating about whether to go easy on He Xuyan, He Xuyan whispered, “Do your best.”

Mu Kai no longer hesitated, but He Xuyan didnt look like he had any strength, so he still held back.

In the end, as soon as he started, he was surprised and knew why He Xuyan told him to do his best.

If he didnt go all out, he wouldnt be able to last more than a few seconds against He Xuyan.

He was afraid that he would break in a second.

That scene would be ugly.

Mu Kais face turned red, and he still lost.

After a few rounds, only Ji Rufeng and He Xuyan were left among the eight male guests.

Ji Rufeng wanted to thank Xu Zhiqin for her kindness and was determined to get the necklace tonight.

He swore to put the necklace around her neck, so he made great progress.

Now that he saw that his opponent was He Xuyan, he couldnt help but think to himself that others were afraid of He Xuyans status and wanted to give him a chance, but he wouldnt.

“Director He, I wont stand on ceremony.” Ji Rufeng smiled.

He Xuyan made an inviting gesture.

Ji Rufeng was very confident in himself.

He smiled and grabbed He Xuyans hand.

A moment later, he couldnt smile anymore.

The veins on his face and forehead bulged.

He Xuyan silently knocked him out.

“Wow, Director He is very impressive.

I really couldnt tell,” Lin Tong whispered to Xu Zhiqin excitedly.

The people below the stage might not be able to see it, but the people on stage could tell that the male guests who went up against He Xuyan were all sweating profusely.

“Thank you for letting me win,” He Xuyan said to Ji Rufeng.

Ji Rufeng accepted his loss and asked, “Who are you going to put the necklace on”

Xu Zhiqin subconsciously looked at He Xuyan.

He happened to be looking at her too.

Their eyes met for a second before they looked away.

It was as if they had a thousand words to say.

Xu Zhiqin didnt want him to be too obvious on such an occasion.

Perhaps because she had been hurt before, she was even more afraid of exposing her feelings to the public.

This was even though the two of them had not made their relationship too clear yet.

However, she didnt want to see He Xuyan put the necklace on someone else.

The symbolic meaning of the necklace was too beautiful.

Even if it was just an event, she still minded it.

She lowered her eyes and did not look at anyone.

Ji Rufeng keenly noticed He Xuyan glancing at Xu Zhiqin and guessed that he was going to put it on Xu Zhiqin.

He immediately said, “How about this Lets play a fun game.

Well tie a black cloth around Director Hes eyes and let him randomly find a female guest to put the necklace on.

Director He, do you dare to give it a try”

The host immediately responded, “Rufengs suggestion is not bad.

What do you think”

“Its a good idea!” Of course, the people below the stage who were watching the show applauded collectively.

After He Xuyan put on the black cloth and covered his eyes, Ji Rufeng specially went to adjust Xu Zhiqins position.

He even waved his hand to get a few of the hostesses from that night to come over.

He didnt want He Xuyan to find the female guests.

In fact, he didnt want him to find Xu Zhiqin.

Xu Zhiqin stood in the corner and pursed her lips slightly.

She knew that He Xuyan had little hope of finding her.

But it was impossible for her to take the initiative to greet He Xuyan in front of everyone.

Ji Rufeng raised an eyebrow at He Xuyan.

Seeing how mischievous Ji Rufeng was, everyone couldnt help but laugh.

He Xuyan slowly walked out and toward Lin Tong.

However, after standing there for a moment, he did not stop.

He turned around and continued walking.

Everyone was booing, but he finally still stood in front of Xu Zhiqin.

With his eyes covered, his sensations and instincts felt especially strong.

He reached out and placed his hand on Xu Zhiqins shoulder.

Ji Rufeng was speechless.

How did he find her

The others were only focused on jeering and clamoring.

However, when Xu Zhiqin stood in front of him, the clamor in her ears was completely silent.

It was as if she was in a vacuum.

She looked up at him.

The black cloth covered his long eyelashes and unusually dazzling black eyes.

He reached out and pressed his hand on her shoulder.

The heat from his palm warmed her heart bit by bit.

He Xuyan held her shoulder and walked behind her.

His chest was close to her back, but he kept his distance and did not press against her.

Xu Zhiqin could clearly hear his heartbeat, and she could also clearly feel her own heartbeat pounding.

Then, the two sounds gradually merged into one.

He Xuyan took out the necklace and touched it.

He touched the womans neck and put it on her.

At this moment, Xu Zhiqins heart almost stopped.

It took her a moment to recover.

After that, He Xuyan took off the black cloth in front of him and looked down the stage without looking at Xu Zhiqin.

The host laughed loudly and said, “Congratulations, Director He, for choosing Zhiqin.

You almost got a hostess just now, but fortunately, in the end, you still found a female guest and successfully completed the mission!”

Su Bei turned off her phone and typed a message to Lu Heting: [Im done witnessing this sweet relationship.

I think I need insulin.

Hubby, wait for me.

Im gonna leave now.]

She left Xu Zhiqin a WeChat message and told her that she was leaving.

Then, she went out and secretly went to look for Lu Heting.

After getting into the car, she was welcomed by Lu Hetings firm embrace.

Su Bei was no longer envious of others.

Others relationships were sweet enough, but hers were even sweeter!

After rubbing her head against his neck for a while, she looked up and said, “It seems that my brothers relationship matters are about to be settled.”

“Mhm.” Lu Heting reached out and covered her eyes.

“Close your eyes for a while.”

Su Bei closed her eyes obediently.

She felt herself being held in his arms and sat down steadily.

The mans breath came from behind her.

She shrunk her neck.

She was filled with happiness.

All of a sudden, she felt a chill on her neck.

He was putting something on her.

She opened her eyes and looked down.

It was the signature necklace of the brand Xu Zhiqin was promoting tonight—A Lifetimes Love.

The necklace was on her collarbone, shining brightly.

She knew what he meant.

She envied others for their sweet romance, so he gave her the same thing.

Su Bei reached out to cup his handsome face and said softly, “No matter how sweet their relationship is, it cant compare to mine.

I envy them, but I cherish my relationship more.”

Lu Heting said in a hoarse voice, “I still have to dote on the woman I married, right”

She lowered her head and kissed him, tracing the lines of his overly handsome facial features.

She imitated how he loved her and doted on him.

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