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Brother Mark called Pan Hongsen over and scolded him.

“Get your mother home and dont let her see anyone else! When our reporters go over, let her clarify things immediately!”

“My mother isnt in good health.

She cant be at home.

She has to be hospitalized.”

“Pan Hongsen, cant you tell the priority of this matter Why are you still protecting your mother at this time Dont you know how big the loss this time is” Brother Mark was already very angry at his live broadcast last night.

Now that Pan Ju had caused such big trouble, his tone was very heavy.

Pan Hongsen threw off his jacket and said, “My mother has to be in the hospital.

Its useless to say anything else about it!”

He and Brother Mark fell out.

He threw away the things and turned to leave.

On Xu Zhiqins side, her grievances were absolved.

She received the warm words of her fans in the form of private messages one after another.

There were also some fans of Yali and Pan Hongsen who came to apologize to her.

They also came out of the fog and knew how much damage and trouble their idols had caused Xu Zhiqin.

When Xu Zhiqin was filming in the afternoon, she couldnt control her emotions several times.

The director also knew about this and said, “Zhiqin, go back and rest for a day and a half to adjust your emotions.

Theres no hurry.

Well wait for you.”

“Thank you.” Xu Zhiqin bowed and thanked him before leaving.

When she returned to the apartment, she had just reached the door when she saw He Xuyan leaning against the wall.

His eyes were slightly lowered as he waited patiently.

When he saw her, he walked toward her.

​ “Director He.” Actually, Xu Zhiqins mind had been filled with him all day.

Even now, she could not distinguish between dream and reality.

“This is for you.” He Xuyan took out a bouquet of flowers from behind him.

It was a small bouquet that looked white and flawless.

It seemed to symbolize her current situation.

Xu Zhiqin took it and pursed her lips.

“Have you been waiting for a long time”

“Not really.” He Xuyan shook his head.

“Arent you going to invite me in”

Xu Zhiqin was about to speak when the elevator stopped.

Yue Ze and Su Bei walked over together.

Yue Ze smiled and said, “Zhiqin, congratulations.

Your grievances have been avenged.

We were originally going to visit the production team, but the director said that youre on a break, so we took the liberty to come over.”

Su Bei was also very happy to hear the news this time.

She had wanted to help Xu Zhiqin before, but she had never gotten any suitable evidence.

This time, Pan Ju was able to stand up and tell the truth.

Her public relations was really beautiful.

Seeing that He Xuyan was also here, Yue Ze clearly did not expect this.

“Director He”

Su Bei also looked back and forth between her brother and Xu Zhiqin.

Then, she smiled brightly as if she understood something.

Xu Zhiqin was very happy that they could come.

She said, “Brother Yue Ze, Mr.

Su, please come in.

You two have helped me a lot this time.

Ill cook delicious food tonight.

Everyone, stay for dinner.”

He Xuyan touched the tip of his nose to hide his slight displeasure.

However, seeing that his sister was one of the guests, he forced himself to not mind it.

Yue Ze sat down on the sofa and asked Su Bei in a low voice, “Didnt Director He reject Zhiqin last time Why is he so free this time Could it be that hes changed his mind”

“How could outsiders guess Director Hes thoughts” Su Bei said with a smile.

However, she was not an outsider but his younger sister.

Her guesses should be very accurate.

Yue Ze nodded and lowered his head.

Pan Hongsen called his mother for a long time, but no one answered.

The assistant carefully walked to his side and said, “Hongsen, Brother Mark has arranged for you and Yali to shoot your new TV show.

Why dont you go”

After Ji Rufeng snatched away My Darling, Yali resigned from the filming of the TV show not long after.

Brother Mark wanted them to work together to create greater benefits, so he found another drama calledYou Are My Love and let the two of them work together.

It had been a while since the contract was signed.

Pan Hongsen held back his anger and decided to go to the set.

Yali was his choice, and so was Brother Mark.

He couldnt give up everything because of Xu Zhiqin.

Thinking of Xu Zhiqin, Pan Hongsen sneered.

She was really ruthless! However, he still owed her.

They were even!

When Pan Hongsen arrived at the scene, Mark and Yali were already being interviewed by reporters.

“Yali, what do you have to say about Xu Zhiqin I heard that you were the one behind all of this, right”

The reporters words made Yalis expression change.

In an instant, she said, “I didnt know that Pan Hongsen and Xu Zhiqin were together.

He didnt tell me about it.

I sympathize with Xu Zhiqins plight! Ill break up with Pan Hongsen myself!”

“So Yali didnt know about it either.”

“It seems that Pan Hongsen deliberately hid it from the two women.

He ruined his ex-girlfriend and his current girlfriend!”

“Oh my God, just how big of a scumbag is Pan Hongsen”

The reporters were discussing.

Pan Hongsen had just entered the venue when he heard Yalis words.

His expression changed.

What Yali said was not true!

However, when the reporters saw him appear, they all rushed over.

“Pan Hongsen, did you really deceive Yali into believing you when you were still with Xu Zhiqin”

“Why did you do that Why did you hurt two girls”

“Even your mother couldnt stand it.

Do you have anything to say”

Pan Hongsen looked at Yali and Mark coldly.

Yali crossed her arms, and Brother Mark looked back at him coldly.

Pan Hongsen immediately understood.

Now that this matter had blown up, he and Yali would not be able to protect themselves.

They would be nailed to the pillar of shame and become a ship that everyone would scold.

They werent able to defend themselves because what was being said was the truth.

That was why Brother Mark had given up on him.

He had to protect Yali.

He couldnt let both of them fall at the same time.

In the end, he was abandoned.

“Pan Hongsen, do you have anything to say”

“Yali has already publicly announced that she wants to break up with you.

Whats your stand on this”

“Will you stay in the company after you break up with Yali”

Pan Hongsen didnt say anything to defend himself.

He knew that it was useless to say anything now.

The outside world had already determined that he was a scumbag, and Yali had stabbed him in the back.

No matter how much he struggled to explain, he would just be quibbling.

Now, he finally understood what it was like to be stabbed by the person he trusted the most.

He had abandoned Xu Zhiqins many years of feelings and nurturing and followed Brother Mark with Yali.

Now, he had the same outcome as Xu Zhiqin back then.

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