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Su Bei looked at him coldly.

“Isnt being able to put a scumbag like you in jail the greatest benefit”

Xiao Mings expression stiffened as he said, “Do you think you can do such a thing with just you alone Su Lu, I advise you not to seek your own death.

Youre just the person in charge of a small company like Nirvana Entertainment.

What can you use to fight me Im sure youve asked about my net worth.”

“Of course, Ive asked around.

Youre from a wealthy family.

Your parents were in the business field, and your ancestors even had military achievements.

Your mother and maternal family have both made achievements and supported you a lot.

Your family is quite powerful.

No matter what industry youre in, others have to be polite to you.

Youre also capable.

The movies you direct are good and famous.

In the entertainment industry, youre a well-deserved overlord.

Whoever wants to survive in the industry has to give you face!” With every word Su Bei said, Xiao Mings expression became smugger.

He had thought that Su Lu was quite capable.

It turned out that he was just so-so.

How long could he last if he already knew his fame and background

Su Bei changed the topic and said, “But how can such a good family raise a scumbag like you Do outsiders know that the famous director they admire is actually just a scumbag of society”

Xiao Ming laughed darkly.

“Su Lu, are you planning to fight me to the end”

“I dont have to fight you.

Its my duty as a citizen.

When I see the scum of society, I have to report it to the police.

Even primary school students understand that.”

“Su Lu, who do you think you are How capable do you think you are to challenge me Are you so ignorant just because your Nirvana Entertainment has been popular for a few days” Xiao Ming said angrily.

“I know its very difficult to fight you, but can evil defeat justice I dont believe it! So, Xiao Ming, I advise you to prepare to go to jail!”

With that, Su Bei turned around and left.

Xiao Mings men stopped her.

Xiao Ming said, “Let her go! I want to see if she can really bring me down!”

Su Bei was let go.

She walked out and clenched her fists tightly.

A person like Xiao Ming did not know how to repent at all.

Instead, he relied on his family background to do many evil things!

Su Bei did not believe that such a person could stand tall!

So what if she was looking for trouble This time, she would never give up or retreat!

Lu Heting had already arranged for a lawyer to come over and understand the situation.

The police had also been called.

However, Xiao Ming was not detained.

According to the current situation, although these women had all told their stories, there was no direct evidence to prove that Xiao Ming had done such a thing.

Xiao Lings sister had taken a shower after the incident and called the police two days later.

Hence, all the crucial evidence was lost.

They could not provide more favorable evidence to prove that Xiao Ming had done such a thing.

Xiao Ming even raised his own argument.

“These people all want to use me to gain an opportunity to film movies with the intention of becoming famous.

They dont have the qualification, so of course, I didnt choose them.

If I have to deal with these sorts of people every day, Ill be so busy that I wont even have time to work!”

How shameless!

Su Bei was especially angry, but without enough evidence, she could not do anything to Xiao Ming.

The police were also suffering due to the lack of evidence and could not go beyond the procedure to arrest him.

​ Moreover, there was such a terrifying family behind Xiao Ming.

Who would dare to offend them

Things were at a stalemate.

Lu Heting then sent more lawyers and legal aid.

However, there was no solution to the matter.

Things became a tug of war.

At night, Xu Zhiqin and He Xuyan had dinner together.

When they talked about this topic, Xu Zhiqin said, “President Su was so angry that he didnt even eat dinner.

I asked my assistant to send him some soup.”

“Youre quite concerned about President Su.” He Xuyan knew that President Su was his sister, but he couldnt help but feel jealous.

“What President Su did is very admirable.

In fact, many men dont care about such things.

Just like today, when some people in the production team heard about it, they thought that President Su was being a busybody.

Many men think that women are just vassals in their world.

They see women as their bragging rights and belongings.

Its really too rare for a man like President Su to treat women as independent individuals.”

After Xu Zhiqin praised Su Bei, He Xuyans expression turned colder and colder.

She finally realized it and scooped him a bowl of soup.

“I dont mean to say that youre bad, and I dont have any feelings for President Su.

Are you going to drink the soup or not”

He Xuyan did not speak, and the room was filled with the smell of jealousy.

“If you dont want to drink it, Ill drink it, then I worked hard for two to three hours to make this, but no one cares.

Ill drink it myself.” Xu Zhiqin brought the bowl over.

He Xuyan held her hand.

“Let me try it.”

Xu Zhiqins hand was pressed down, and a trace of numbness spread over, causing her ears to turn red.

He Xuyan felt an electric shock in his heart.

He quickly let go and turned his face to the side.

Xu Zhiqin retracted her finger and gently felt the residual warmth on it.

Then, she slowly smiled.

“Then Ill get my assistant to send the soup over.”

“Give him some sweet and sour pork ribs and hot and sour beef soup too.” Although He Xuyan was jealous, he was not petty when it came to taking care of his sister.

Xu Zhiqin bit her chopsticks.

“Why do I feel that you seem to pay special attention to President Su”

“Didnt you say that what he did is admirable Whats wrong with letting him eat good food”

“Thats true.” Xu Zhiqin picked up a lot of food, then asked her assistant to send it to Su Bei.

“So you think what she did was right”

He Xuyan nodded.

“People who commit crimes should be punished.

Those who seek justice will have a hard time.

Youre right, women shouldnt be mens possessions.

Everyone has a share in this.”

Xu Zhiqin pursed her lips and smiled.

However, before Xu Zhiqin could participate in this matter, she encountered another matter.

Pan Hongsen had changed his career to become an actor.

He had already reserved a resource and was about to announce that filming would begin.

However, it was intercepted by an actor from Nirvana Entertainment!

When the official announcement was made, Pan Hongsen went to the venue.

He was caught by the media and mocked on the spot.

He was so angry that he left!

Su Bei did not know about this, and neither did Xu Zhiqin.

Su Bei later asked Yue Ze about it.

It was his artiste who snatched Pan Hongsens job at the last minute.

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