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One could imagine how arrogant this person was!

“Call the police!” Xu Zhiqin advised.

“These people should be dealt with by the law!”

Xiao Ling was hesitant.

Even her sister, the victim, was still hesitating about whether to call the police.

As her sister, she was even more hesitant.

She looked at Xu Zhiqin and then at Su Bei.

Su Bei nodded solemnly.

“Of course, we have to call the police.

When dealing with such a person, only the law can intimidate him!”

Xiao Ling lowered her head.

“Okay, Ill go back and ask my sister first.”

“Ill go with you,” Su Bei said.

“Zhiqin, focus on filming first.

Ill handle this.”

Xiao Ling was extremely grateful.

She was helpless, and her sister was also weak.

Even if she called the police, she didnt know how to face the troubles ahead.

However, with President Su accompanying her, it was different.

She felt like she had a backer to support her now.

When Su Bei went to the hospital, Xiao Lings sister was lying on the bed, exhausted.

There were shocking scars on her wrists.

​ When she saw Su Bei, she hesitated.

However, when she heard Su Beis words, she finally agreed to call the police.

After calling the police, Su Bei accompanied them to collect evidence.

She was busy for a long time before returning home.

Seeing Lu Heting, she said without any reservation, “Another woman was harmed by Xiao Ming.

I called the police.

I really hope this is the last instance.”

Lu Heting pulled her into his arms.

Her tone was too low, which showed how seriously she had been affected.

“Go ahead.

Ill give you the best legal resources and all the support you need.”

Su Bei looked up at him.

“Am I being nosy”

“If you really think youre being nosy, you wouldnt have done it in the first place, right” Lu Heting looked into her eyes and said solemnly.

Su Bei finally smiled.


From the beginning, I wanted to speak up for all the women who have suffered injustice and abuse.

When I heard about Xiao Ming in the past, I was still young and couldnt even protect myself.

But now, I have a certain ability and authority.

Since Ive encountered these victims, I cant ignore them.

Those women who were violated didnt do anything wrong.

Its because theyre too weak that theyre being forced to submit to power.

“Since they dont have a backer to help them, Ill be their backer this time!”

“Okay.” Lu Heting didnt say much, but his tone was solemn and firm.

His unswerving support was enough to give her strength.

After Xiao Lings sister called the police, more victims came to Nirvana Entertainment to look for Su Lu.

Among these women, there were all kinds of people.

There were tall ones, short ones, fat ones, thin ones, conservative ones, and fashionable ones.

The only thing they had in common was that they were relatively weak.

When they looked at others, they were a little timid.

In Su Beis office, they bit their lips and did not dare to say a word.

“Its okay.

Go ahead.

Since Im helping Xiao Lings sister, Ill definitely help you,” Su Bei said gently.

“We didnt dare to call the police before because we were afraid.

Its also because some people took bribes from him after the incident.

He knew that we wouldnt dare to do anything and that some of us were living in poverty and needed money,” a girl said.

Another person immediately said, “But we really cant get over this matter.

Thinking about that kind of thing is a nightmare for us.

Why us What did we do wrong”

“We just want to work hard and live a stable life.”

“We werent dressed up when the incident happened.

We were just dressed normally.”

“I didnt wink at him either.

I didnt even know what was going on when it happened.”

These women were weak and aggrieved.

But it was not their fault that they were weak.

It was not a reason for them to accept grievances and abuse.

Su Bei stood up and said, “I believe you.

This time, we wont let the bad guy off.

Everyone, please cooperate with the prosecution of Xiao Ming.

Ill arrange for legal assistance.

All you need to do is tell the police the truth and cooperate with the lawyers and judges to expose Xiao Mings crimes.”

“Well cooperate!”

“Yes, President Su.

Well definitely cooperate.”

In the past, they were in a state of disunity, so they did not know where to go.

As victims, they were looked down on by the people around them.

For some of them, even their families could not understand their situation.

They had been scolded by others who said that such things happened because they dressed too scantily and worked too late, giving others a chance.

But now, someone finally believed them.

Everyone was very excited.

Su Bei went to see Xiao Lings sister.

She had recovered a little and looked much better.

“Sister, President Su has really helped us a lot this time.

You just need to rest well.

President Su will help us solve everything,” Xiao Ling said excitedly.

“That bad guy will definitely be brought to justice.”

“Have a good rest.

Xiao Ling, take good care of your sister,” Su Bei said.

She walked out of the hospital and was stopped by two people.

“President Su, Director Xiao wants to see you.”

When Su Bei came to the hospital, the bodyguards were waiting outside.

Director Xiao had seen her in the hospital and found out that there was no one around her.

However, Su Bei was not afraid of Xiao Ming.

From the type of women he violated, it could be seen that he was not as domineering as he appeared to be.

He only dared to attack women with relatively weak personalities.

It could be seen that he had a strategy for committing crimes.

This was also an important reason why he had always committed crimes but still stood tall.

Su Bei was brought into an office where Xiao Ming was sitting and smoking.

He wasnt very handsome, but he had the aura of a successful man and maintained a good figure.

It wasnt without reason that the outside world had always had a good impression of him.

However, Su Bei looked at him and felt disgusted.

No matter how strong this man was, he bullied the weak.

In essence, he was an extremely weak person!

Seeing the extreme disgust in Su Beis eyes, Xiao Ming threw down the cigarette butt and smiled.


Su, this is our first time meeting.

Why are you so hostile to me”

“Didnt you know Ive never had a good impression of people who act like animals.” Su Bei did not hide her disgust.

No matter what her status was, she could not agree with what he had done.

Xiao Ming sneered and went straight to the point.

“President Su, I advise you not to take unnecessary action.

Youre not a police officer or a righteous person.

What good will it do you to do such a thing”

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