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However, she could understand.

Some investors valued directors very much, especially someone at He Xuyans level.

Only investors like Wu De, who was muddle-headed and did not care about talents at all, would kick up a fuss wantonly.

After a round of beating and scolding, Mr.

Yu walked up to He Xuyan and said gently, “Director He, look, are you satisfied with this Xu Zhiqin can stay, Zhang Chengke is fired, and Wu De will withdraw his investment.”

Wu De and Zhang Chengke did not dare to say anything.

They could only lower their heads and wait at the side.

He Xuyan said calmly, “Barely.

These two cant appear here again.

Also, they need to apologize to Xu Zhiqin.”

When Mr.

Yu heard him relenting, he immediately said, “Sure, sure.

Wu De and his nephew, hurry up and apologize.”

Wu De and Zhang Chengke moved in front of He Xuyan and lowered their heads.

“Im sorry.”

“Director He, what do you think” Mr.

Yu asked.

“You have to apologize on Weibo too,” He Xuyan added.

Zhang Chengke immediately lost his cool.

“Weibo That doesnt make sense.

I cant apologize on Weibo!”

If he apologized on Weibo, what would happen to his image What about his fans

He Xuyans dark eyes flickered as they swept across his face.

Zhang Chengke felt a slight pain in his face as if his gaze was really a lethal weapon.

“Do I look like Im here to reason with you” He Xuyans tone was cold.

Wu De slapped him hard on the head.

“Why cant you apologize on Weibo Do it! Do it immediately!”

“Then I hope to see your sincere apologies on Weibo today.”

That day, Zhang Chengkes role as the third male lead was terminated, and another male actor was urgently assigned to the production team.

On Weibo, Zhang Chengke publicly apologized to Xu Zhiqin, saying that he shouldnt have misunderstood and prejudiced her because of Pan Hongsens matter.

He shouldnt have misunderstood her because of his friend, and it almost caused her to be hurt.

That night, Zhang Chengke urgently postponed all matters in the country and went on a trip abroad.

His return date was uncertain.

Naturally, the fans were in an uproar.

They felt that Xu Zhiqin had done something to Zhang Chengke.

However, before Zhang Chengke boarded the plane, he was still on Weibo talking to his fans.

He was not allowed to scold Xu Zhiqin, so everyone could not make wild guesses.

Therefore, not many people cursed her.

Although this matter brought about many speculations, things passed smoothly in the end.

Zhang Chengkes apology did not affect Xu Zhiqin, but Pan Hongsen did not have it easy.

Everyone knew that the two of them were friends who called each other buddies.

They had a good relationship.

When Pan Hongsen denounced Xu Zhiqin back then, Zhang Chengke also criticized Xu Zhiqin several times.

Now that Zhang Chengke had publicly apologized, did it mean that Pan Hongsen was in the wrong

[I think we can tell from Zhang Chengkes attitude that Xu Zhiqin is innocent!]

[I think so too.

Pan Hongsen has gone too far.

Xu Zhiqin has already publicly said that it has nothing to do with him.

I dont know what he and Yali are still doing.

Ill stand on Xu Zhiqins side this time.]

When Xu Zhiqin saw the comments on Weibo, she learned why He Xuyan insisted that Zhang Chengke publicly apologize on Weibo.

She and He Xuyan knew why Zhang Chengke apologized.

However, the netizens did not, so they naturally linked it to Pan Hongsens matter.

This move secretly defamed Pan Hongsen.

It was really a beautiful plot.

Xu Zhiqin had always thought that He Xuyan was especially upright.

Now, she realized that he was really two-faced.

She received a WeChat message.

She picked up her phone and saw that it was He Xuyan.

[Can we have dinner together tonight Ill buy the groceries and youll cook.]

Xu Zhiqin pursed her lips and smiled.

[Okay, I dont have any scenes tonight.

Should I go to your place or will you come to mine]

He Xuyan replied: [Your place.] He would rush over to her place, while she could take the time to rest more.

Su Bei called Xu Zhiqin to find out more about Zhang Chengke.

“Zhang Chengke has always been quite arrogant.

Why is he so obedient this time”

“Its Director Hes doing.

When he bullied me, Director He happened to see it and spoke up for me,” Xu Zhiqin said.

“Zhang Chengke was beaten up by his uncle.

Director He also requested him to make a public apology.”

Hearing her brothers name, Su Bei was not surprised at all.

Xu Zhiqin wanted to tell Su Bei about her relationship with He Xuyan, but after thinking about it, she felt that it would be too embarrassing to tell her about it.

At night, she returned to her apartment.

She quickly took a shower and changed her clothes.

Then, she looked at her hair in the mirror.

After confirming that there was no problem, she nestled on the sofa and waited for He Xuyan to come over.

A moment later, the doorbell rang.

She immediately ran over and opened the door.

He Xuyans thin and tall figure stood in front of her.

“I was delayed from buying the groceries.” He Xuyan raised his hand.

“Come in.” Xu Zhiqin reached out to take them.

“Ill go to the kitchen to sort them out.”

“Okay.” He Xuyan followed her to the kitchen.

“Uhh, you can rest outside.

You can watch TV or something.

Ill do this myself.”

He Xuyan replied, but he didnt go and sit outside.

Instead, he helped her.

Xu Zhiqin was surprised that he was so skilled.

“Do you cook often”

“Its normal to cook when you live alone.

Shall I do it” He was wearing a white shirt.

When he spoke, he clearly did not have a smile on his face and his tone was flat.

It was hard to tell what was different from usual, but he just seemed very gentle.

Xu Zhiqin said embarrassedly, “I cant let you do that.

Youve already bought groceries.

Of course, Ill be responsible for cooking.”

“Then lets do it together.” He Xuyan rolled up his sleeves and revealed his forearms.

Xu Zhiqin pursed her lips and followed along.

After Su Beis movie was completed, she rarely took on other activities.

However, there were some parts of the movie that required dubbing, which she also had to participate in.

Ever since Su Bei started filming the movie, she had never done dubbing before.

This time, some mixed recordings were involved, so she had to do it at the last minute.

On the dubbing studios side, in addition to the movie Split, there were also many other movies and dramas that were being dubbed here.

Halfway through the session, Su Beis throat was a little dry.

“You should rest for a while, Su Bei,” the dubbing director said.

Su Bei nodded and went to pour herself a glass of water.

When she came back, she passed by the storeroom and suddenly heard a suppressed cry.

“Whos inside” Su Bei knocked on the door and asked loudly.

There was a rustling sound from inside.

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