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Pan Hongsen was even more furious!

My Darling was a very good drama that could attract fans.

If he acted with Yali, not only could he appease their fans, but he could also increase their status at the same time.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Xu Zhiqin got someone to intercept him.

Until now, he didnt know that the reason why he was able to get the role in this movie was entirely because of Xu Zhiqin.

She had done a lot for him.

Now that both sides had fallen out, it was only a matter of time before he was not needed for this movie.

Even without Xu Zhiqin, the other party would still use other people.

Of course, Xu Zhiqin was the person who knew how to make him suffer the most.

She would make him pay for how he betrayed her.

Brother Mark made a lot of calls, trying to turn the tide.

Unfortunately, it was useless.

The other party decided to use Ji Rufeng and ignored Brother Mark.

Pan Hongsen called Xu Zhiqin directly.

Xu Zhiqin had just finished filming when she received the call.

She glanced at it and calmly picked it up.

“Whats the matter”

“Xu Zhiqin, how did you do it” Pan Hongsen was exasperated!

“How did I do what”

“Do you think Ji Rufeng can take me down What Ive accumulated is not something a new artiste can snatch away.”

Xu Zhiqin smiled and said, “I didnt say that Ji Rufeng would snatch your things.

Why are you already panicking Besides, did I say that I wanted to take you down I just took what I should have taken.

You dont have to ask me how I did it.

Pan Hongsen, have you forgotten that I was the one who gave you everything”

Pan Hongsen gritted his teeth in anger.

“Yeah, you slept with all kinds of old men and got the resources.


“Pan Hongsen, shut up!” Xu Zhiqin said angrily.

She clenched her fists.

In the past, she suffered so much in order to get resources for him.

She had to drink so much wine, but she never complained or acted like a spoiled child.

However, in his opinion, her actions were not righteous and were also an excuse to look down on her.

Pan Hongsen sneered.

How many things had Xu Zhiqin done to get those resources Who knew how many dirty things she had done Her body was dirty.

He was grateful at first.

Later on, he became numb to it.

What Xu Zhiqin did not only symbolized his ugly past but also reminded him of his past incompetence!

Therefore, when he met the fashionable, beautiful, and popular Yali, he easily made a decision.

So what if Xu Zhiqin had done a lot for him She was still dirty.

“Xu Zhiqin, come at me if you want!” Pan Hongsen hung up.

Xu Zhiqin slammed the phone on the table and took a long breath to suppress her tears.

Her heart ached so much that it was difficult for her to breathe.

This feeling of having her heart gouged out was bone-deep.

She didnt dare to pull out the thorn in her heart in the past because she knew how painful it would be.

Now that it was pulled out just like that, it was indeed…

She put her hands on the table, and her body was cold.

A jacket gently fell on her shoulder.

Xu Zhiqin turned around and saw He Xuyan standing at the side.

He was wearing a thin windbreaker.

“Director He.” She came back to her senses slightly, and the smile on her face was uglier than crying.

“Do you want coffee” He Xuyan asked.

“Okay.” She nodded.

He Xuyan walked out and returned a moment later with a cup of steaming coffee in his hand.

The coffee cup was stuffed into Xu Zhiqins palm, and her heart warmed.

The pain gradually dissipated.

He Xuyan leaned against the door and looked at her calmly.

She exhaled.

“Arent you going to sit, Director He”

“I still have to hold the auditions.

I have to go back later.” He Xuyan nodded.

“If you need something sweet, I have it here.”

He placed a packet of candy on the table with his long fingers.

He curled his fingers and tapped them on the table.

Then, he turned around and left.

Xu Zhiqins eyes flickered.

She took the candy but did not open the wrapper.

She just held it in her palm.

At this time, Xu Zhiqins best friend immediately stepped forward to explain that the male lead had been replaced.

“Its my own decision to choose Ji Rufeng.

I like this novel and think that only Ji Rufeng suits the male lead, so what about it”

She said it generously and posted a few photos of Ji Rufeng.

It was a fact that Ji Rufeng was better-looking than Pan Hongsen.

Moreover, Xu Zhiqins best friend was still very young.

She usually acted like a rich young lady on Weibo, but this action gained her and Ji Rufeng a lot of fans.

As expected, Pan Hongsens fans didnt dare to make too much noise on Xu Zhiqins best friends Weibo.

They were afraid that after Pan Hongsen was replaced, Yali would be replaced.

However, it was unknown if it was intentional or not, but after Pan Hongsen was replaced, the production team quickly signed a contract with Yali.

It seemed that Xu Zhiqin really wasnt the mastermind behind all this.

However, Pan Hongsen was very angry.

“Its obvious that theyre targeting me! I cant act in it anymore, but Yali is still gonna act in it.

Theyre just breaking us up! If we act in this drama together, we can appease our fans.

When the time comes, its only natural for us to announce our marriage!”

Brother Mark drank his tea quietly.

“Yali got such a good opportunity this time.

I cant reject it, right Her resources have already been severely hurt this time.

Its certain that Yali will act in My Darling.”

“Brother Mark, cant you just reject it and let me sign a new contract with Yali” Pan Hongsen really couldnt understand.

“How can a good drama be so easy to come by” It was obvious that Brother Mark did not want to lose the benefits he had obtained.

Pan Hongsen went to Yali and asked her to reject the movie.

Yalis words were the same as Brother Marks.

“Hongsen, if I reject again, I wont have any good resources for the time being.

Our matter can wait, but theres no hurry.

When theres a suitable script, we can act together.

Dont be angry.

If youre angry, youll be tricked by Xu Zhiqin.”

How could Pan Hongsen not be angry

In the following period of time, under the control of Su Bei and Xu Zhiqin, Pan Hongsen and Yali lost two more opportunities.

The two of them, who wanted to show off their love, finally could not sit still anymore.

Actually, Xu Zhiqin didnt do much.

She just took back the resources that she had worked so hard to get for Pan Hongsen.

She had indeed been silent for a while, but when she returned, there were still friends in the industry who still lent her a helping hand.

Especially now that she had the golden reputation of Nirvana Entertainment behind her.

Her filming went smoothly on set.

At this moment, she was done filming.

She took the towel from her assistant and wiped the stains off her body as she walked toward the dressing room.

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