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Scandal with Su Bei Xu Zhiqins heart tightened.

However, when she immediately thought about how Su Bei and Mr.

Lu were together, she felt relieved.

That matter couldnt be true.

“Ah, Director He looks so good when he smiles.

If I werent afraid of being scolded by him, I would really want to work with him!”

The assistant director narrowed his eyes.

“Arent you afraid of being scolded by me You were bribed with just a cup of coffee.

Good job!”

Everyone laughed and began to read the script.

​ Xu Zhiqin felt that the assistant director was right to scold that person.

She was bribed with just a cup of coffee.

Thinking about it, she felt a surge of sweetness within her after taking a sip.

After Xu Zhiqin returned to the entertainment industry, the artistes she managed previously were reassigned to other managers.

Only Ji Rufeng was still following her.

Ji Rufeng was a male artiste under Xu Zhiqin.

He had good qualifications and good looks but lacked a little training in acting.

Therefore, recently, Xu Zhiqin arranged an acting teacher to train him.

Everyone else was busy with their schedules.

Only Ji Rufeng had no schedule.

He was good-looking, and there were already people from other companies poaching him.

However, Ji Rufeng rejected those invitations.

What had happened in Nirvana Entertainment allowed him to see the bigger picture.

He was very convinced by President Sus and Xu Zhiqins abilities.

However, life without work was indeed difficult.

When he asked his former classmates out for a drink, everyone looked at him sympathetically.

“Rufeng, you have the best results in our class.

Youve filmed many commercials in the past.

Why dont you have any work now”

“Ill have work soon.” He was confident.

“Youre still with Xu Zhiqin Shes already changed her career to become an artiste.

Even if she has resources, shell do her best to give them to herself.

Why would she care about you Why are you so stubborn Why are you still following her”

Ji Rufeng didnt say anything.

He had his own considerations.

“I think you might as well terminate your contract.

Anyway, your termination fee isnt high.

Let me tell you, Wei Wei used to be a rich young lady.

She likes your type.

How about I hook you up”

Ji Rufeng stood up and said, “I want to act, not accompany others.”

With that, he put down his glass and strode out.

“How pretentious!”

“Whats the use of being so arrogant Its better to accompany a rich young lady than an old man, right”

“Thats right.

Ji Rufeng has always been like this.

I dont think hell be getting work anytime soon!”

“Let him be.

Hell regret it in the future!”

After Ji Rufeng went out, he took a deep breath and called Xu Zhiqin to ask about his work.

“Rufeng, wait a little longer,” Xu Zhiqin said.

“How are the acting classes going recently”

“Theyre okay.”

“Then you can continue attending them for another week.

Ill make arrangements after that.”

Xu Zhiqin was being urged to film her scenes, so she hung up.

Ji Rufeng felt defeated.

Should he really put his faith in Xu Zhiqin and President Su

They could arrange many things and turn the tide, but was it really worth waiting for

Xu Zhiqins filming went smoothly.

When there was half a day left to film, she went back to report to Su Bei.

“Just focus on filming.

If Pan Hongsen and Yali cause any more trouble, Ill support you.”

“Okay.” Xu Zhiqin nodded.

“President Su, I want to talk about Ji Rufeng.”

“Yeah, talk to me.”

Xu Zhiqin said, “President Su, please help me talk to the production team of My Darling and have them replace Pan Hongsen with Ji Rufeng.”

When Su Bei heard her words, she knew that she had already made arrangements to counterattack Pan Hongsen.

She smiled and asked, “Are you so confident that hell be able to replace Pan Hongsen”

Xu Zhiqin smiled and said, “Its not that Im confident.

Previously, this drama was prepared and invested in by a best friend of mine.

She had read the original novel and liked it very much, so she swore to film it well.

At that time, I worked hard to get this opportunity for Pan Hongsen.

Later, he broke up with me, so my best friends project was temporarily suspended.

Now that its back on track, she told me before that she definitely wouldnt let Pan Hongsen off easy and asked me to recommend someone.

Ive been busy filming, so please help me bring Rufeng over.”

“So, you still had such a trick up your sleeve.” Su Bei was gratified.

No one should be hurt like that, and ones sincerity should not be trampled on.

If one wanted to challenge them, one had to pay the price.

Anyone who could walk out of the quagmire would face a new life.

Seeing Xu Zhiqin walk out step by step was really exciting.

Su Bei couldnt wait for more people who were trapped by love to stand up and become a better version of themselves.

As per Xu Zhiqins instructions, Su Bei brought Ji Rufeng to see Xu Zhiqins best friend.

As expected, the other party was very polite.

She quickly met Ji Rufeng and arranged an audition for him.

After confirming that Ji Rufeng was fine in all aspects, the two parties signed the contract on the spot.

Ji Rufeng was stunned.

When he came out, he kept thanking Su Bei.

“Thank you, President Su, for giving me this opportunity.”

“You should thank Zhiqin for giving you this opportunity.

The arrangements she made for you to learn from an acting teacher were all preparation for today,” Su Bei said.

Ji Rufeng jolted and perked up.

His persistence and trust had finally been rewarded.

“Youll join the cast tomorrow.

Ill arrange for my assistant to go along with you.

It wasnt easy to get this opportunity.

Shoot well.

Let me know if theres any trouble.”

“Okay,” Ji Rufeng nodded.

[Xu Zhiqin arranged for someone to intercept Pan Hongsen.]

[Xu Zhiqin still has feelings for Pan Hongsen.

When will they stop this tug-of-war]

The news that Ji Rufeng had snatched Pan Hongsens male lead role could not be hidden.

The news immediately spread, and a moment later, it was all over the internet.

Pan Hongsens fans were about to explode with fury.

[This b*tch is really too despicable! Didnt she say that she didnt want to have anything to do with Hongsen What is she trying to do now]

[I think that b*tch will never give up on him.

Dont listen to what she says.

Look at what she does! Now, the fox has finally shown its tail!]

[Ive never met such a woman! This woman is capable of anything!]

[If she cant get it, shell destroy it.

Why isnt this scheming b*tch dead]

[My heart aches for Hongsen! Hes really being dragged down by this woman!]

[Xu Zhiqin, go to hell!]

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