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Xu Zhiqin thought for a moment.

“Ive always liked your movies.

Ive watched your previous movies dozens of times, and Id watch them once or twice a year.

Its always been my dream to be able to work with you.

Therefore, from this perspective, Im 100% disappointed.

However, Director He, you have your own thoughts and considerations.

In this aspect, Im happy because youre exactly the same as I imagined you to be.

“I hope you can stick to such ideals.

Even if you treat me as a friend, Im not willing to overstep your ideals and rules.”

Her words echoed in the room.

He Xuyans gaze rippled slightly.

“Actually, youre very suitable for the female lead role.

Your audition was also the one with the highest evaluation by the team, including me.”

“Then why wasnt I chosen” Xu Zhiqin looked at him in surprise.

He had a pair of dark eyes that could hide too many things.

“Because…” He Xuyan looked up.

“Ive never filmed anyone close to me.

Im worried that if I film you, my personal emotions will be mixed in and affect the expression of the camera language and the structure of the overall movie.”

Sometimes, he would dream of her, and his mood would fluctuate because of her presence.

Such emotions might be excellent for romance dramas.

However, he happened to be filming a dark movie.

He could not take the risk of having both of them partake in a subpar piece of work.

When Xu Zhiqin heard these words, she smiled happily.

“Director He, you treat me as a friend, and youre afraid that our friendship will affect the movies making”

“Were not friends,” he retorted with slightly pursed lips.

Xu Zhiqin suddenly understood.

She panicked slightly, which made her a little at a loss.

“Thats why I cant use you.

But its not a rejection.”

Xu Zhiqin looked at him slowly, and her expression suddenly lost its previous liveliness and naturalness.

“Oh, I see.”

“What did you think it was”

Xu Zhiqin shook her head.

“Its good that its not what I thought.

I was worried that my acting skills werent good enough.”

He Xuyan approached her, his tall figure reflecting his slender figure.

“Do you treat me as a friend”

“Yes, no…” Xu Zhiqin couldnt define it for a moment.

The person in front of her was someone she admired and liked, but she couldnt be sure of her other feelings.

“Director He, I did fall in love with Pan Hongsen back then.

That relationship left a lot of trauma for me.

I didnt get anything in return for my efforts, and I was even nailed to the pillar of shame where I received endless scoldings.

Its really too difficult to fall in love.

Its not that youre a bad candidate.

I just dont dare to get myself all tangled up again.

Im afraid of being scolded and hurt.

Im already extremely tired of relationships.”

He Xuyan was not in a hurry.

He lowered his eyes and said calmly, “Its okay.

I can wait.”

Xu Zhiqin looked at him.

He said, “If youre tired, just rest where you are.

I can go toward you.”

Xu Zhiqin didnt know how she walked out of He Xuyans house.

The sun outside shone brightly on her shoulders, illuminating her entire heart.

Her forehead was covered in sweat.

She returned to the office and gulped down a large glass of cold water before managing to calm down.

Yue Ze came in and asked, “Are you alright, Zhiqin”

“Im fine.” Xu Zhiqin quickly nodded her head.

“Its fine even if Director He rejected you.

Dont ask him for an explanation.

Hes a stubborn person.

It might not be useful even if you ask him about it.” Yue Ze saw that she had prepared a scar medicine for He Xuyan and thought that she had not gotten over it yet.

He specially came to persuade her.

Xu Zhiqin shook her head again.

Could she say that the explanation He Xuyan gave her was better than she had imagined

He said that he had never filmed a person close to him before as he feared having it affect the movie.

He said,Rest where you are.

Ill go toward you.

Xu Zhiqin pressed her heart with her hand against her chest, and her face turned red.

The news of Xu Zhiqin being rejected by He Xuyan did not affect her much.

After all, everyone knew that He Xuyan was strict in choosing people.

Only Pan Hongsens and Yalis fans said that her acting skills were not good enough.

Su Bei arranged for Xu Zhiqin to audition in other films.

A movie calledWind and Rain suited Xu Zhiqin very well.

After Xu Zhiqin auditioned, she succeeded in one go.

Soon, Wind and Rain announced that Xu Zhiqin would play the female lead.

After her comeback, this was the first time she had participated in such a good movie.

Xu Zhiqin was so excited that she posted about it on her Moments for a few days.

At this moment, she was lying on the bed.

She was still overjoyed with her current situation.

She no longer gave up on herself and welcomed a new life.

Things progressed very quickly.

The opening ceremony would be held the next day, and filming would start in the afternoon.

After the opening ceremony, the creator read the script and discussed the afternoon shoot.

Xu Zhiqin and the main leads were sitting beside the director and discussing when they heard someone say, “Director He is here!”

Xu Zhiqin subconsciously looked up and saw He Xuyan standing in front of everyone.

He was just wearing a simple white shirt, but no one could take their eyes off him.

Then, she heard an assistant director say, “Director He is holding auditions beside us.

Yesterday, he came to borrow a camera from us.

Today, he gave everyone such a big pile of snacks and coffee.

Everyone, you should enjoy this treatment.”

Someone asked, “Director He, youre here personally to return the things Arent you a busy man”

“Maybe Director He wants to see if there are any suitable actors here,” someone said.

Only Xu Zhiqin could feel his gaze on her.

She felt that the coffee and snacks seemed to be specially sent to her.

She took the initiative to get a cup of coffee and held it in her hand.

He Xuyan was pleased by her actions, and his expression relaxed.

The people around them were stunned.

They had seen He Xuyan many times when they were filming here.

Every time, his handsome face was dark as if someone owed him money.

Who had ever seen a smile on his face

As soon as he left, everyone started discussing in low voices.

“What do you think happened to Director He Why did he send all these things over Why was he smiling”

Xu Zhiqin hurriedly lowered her head, afraid that others would notice that something was wrong.

“Thats right.

I find it strange too.

Could he be in a relationship”

“Thats possible! But Ive never heard of Director He having any scandals.

Wasnt he photographed with Su Bei before But that was quickly refuted.”

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