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If Su Bei did this, wouldnt she ruin everyones career

As everyone was thinking, someone said, “Isnt that Su Lu”


“The person in charge of Nirvana Entertainment, Su Lu.”

“It must be that painter, Su Lu.”

Someone looked at the door and saw a young man.

He had short hair and ordinary facial features.

His clothes were not outstanding.

If not for the fact that he had often appeared in front of everyone because of Mrs.

Caos matter, no one would have recognized him even if he were to walk in front of everyone.

“What is Su Lu doing here” someone asked secretly.

“I dont know.

Could this be Mr.

Lus arrangement”

As everyone spoke, Su Lu approached.

Fu Yujia was talking to Mr.

and Mrs.

Brown when she turned around and saw Su Lu.

Her breath was caught, and the corners of her eyes twitched.

She didnt expect Su Lu to be here.

Su Bei had already walked over.

She smiled and greeted them in fluent English, “Hello, Mr.

and Mrs.


“Y-You are” Mrs.

Brown had seen a photo of the painter she had recently fallen in love with, but she was still pleasantly surprised to see him in person.

“Im Su Lu.

I was invited by a friend to celebrate your birthday with you, Mrs.

Brown,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Thank you for liking my paintings, Mrs.


Thank you for your kindness.

I wish to paint on the spot today and give it to you.”


Brown was overjoyed and said, “Of course, thats good.

Thank you.”

Fu Yujia wanted to chase Su Lu out, but Su Lu had already made a move.

The words were on the tip of her tongue, but since Mrs.

Brown was so happy, she could only endure it for the time being.

She felt a little uncomfortable.

After fighting with Su Lu for a while, Sheng Tang Entertainment always returned with a crushing defeat.

Fu Yujia did not have a good impression of this man.

At this moment, she had no choice but to watch helplessly as Su Lu took a brush and paper and began to paint.

Fu Yujia rubbed her palms and pondered.

Perhaps it was Lu Hetings arrangement that Su Lu was able to come here today.

He was not in the country, but he must value the Brown couples reception.

Therefore, Fu Yujia thought to herself that she could only make amends with Su Lu now.

She could not continue to fight with him, lest she hurt her relationship with Lu Heting.

While she was thinking, Su Lu finished painting.


Brown supported her chin with one hand and looked at Su Lu with joy and admiration.

Clearly, she was even happier about this big gift than the last gift.

Su Bei finished painting and signed her name.

She went forward to give it to Mrs.

Brown and said, “Mrs.

Brown, my friend and I wish you a happy birthday.

May you be happy every year and get younger and younger!”


Brown took the painting and cherished it.

“Thank you, thank you,” she said repeatedly.

This painting was different from the one Fu Yujia had given her just now.

Fu Yujia merely got someone to buy a painting.

Qian Gouhua didnt even let her choose the paintings.

She could only buy what was given to her.

As for Su Bei, she naturally drew the themes that Mrs.

Brown preferred.

She had previously asked around and found out that Mrs.

Brown liked the bamboo from S Country, so this painting was specially drawn with bamboo.

It was a given that Mrs.

Brown preferred this painting.

“Then I wont disturb you anymore, Mrs.


Goodbye,” Su Bei said and quickly left.


Brown happily showed her painting to Mr.


She was as happy as a child.


Brown also approved of this attentive gift and nodded repeatedly.

However, he couldnt help but ask with a smile, “I wonder who invited Su Lu”

“I think its Heting,” Fu Yujia said without thinking.

She guessed that this was not Su Beis arrangement.

If it were Su Bei, she would have let others know about it long ago.

Why would she wait until now

Only then did the people from the Lu family heave a sigh of relief.

It turned out that Mr.

Lu also knew that he couldnt rely on Su Bei, so he specially made arrangements.

Su Bei could only rely on a mans protection to survive.


Brown nodded.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Fu Yujia couldnt help but smile and say, “Hetings arrangements have always been good.

I just dont know why Su Bei hasnt come to wish Mrs.

Brown a happy birthday yet.

Han Xu, go and see where Su Bei is.”

“Theres no need to look.

Im here.” Su Bei quickly walked up to Mr.

and Mrs.

Brown and said, “Mrs.

Brown, happy birthday to you.

And thank you for liking my gift.”

“Your gift” Mrs.

Brown smiled.

“So Su Lu is a friend you invited”

Su Bei smiled and replied, “Yes, hes a friend of mine.

I found out that your birthday was today and knew that you liked Su Lus paintings very much, so I specially invited him to come over and give you his blessings.”

“Su Bei, I really like this gift of yours!” Mrs.

Brown smiled warmly.

She stood up and gave Su Bei a hug.

Her impression of her had completely changed.

It wasnt really because of the gift.

It was just the fact that she was able to go this far that made her happy.

Fu Yujia frowned slightly.

Lu Rou, who was beside her, immediately reacted and said, “Su Bei, Su Lu should be someone Mr.

Lu invited, right How did he become the person you invited here”

Fu Yujia stopped her.

“Rou Rou, the person Heting invited is the person Su Bei invited.

It doesnt matter.”

She seemed to be helping Su Bei clarify, but she was actually trying to confirm it.

This matter had nothing to do with Su Bei.

Most importantly, it was Lu Hetings arrangement.

Su Bei usually wouldnt argue over such things, but now that she was being suppressed by Fu Yujia, she naturally wouldnt give in to her.

Her red lips curled up slightly as she smiled.

“Heting is overseas, so I handled todays gift.

Its my honor to have my friend, Su Lu, come over.

Of course, as you said, the friend I invited is no different from the friend Heting invited.

Theres naturally no need to distinguish between husband and wife.”

When everyone heard this, they wondered if Su Bei really made the arrangements today.

Did she really have such thoughts and abilities

Didnt this mean that she was not inferior to Fu Yujia

Fu Yujia naturally understood what she meant.

Su Bei was hinting that she was just an outsider.

Lu Rou immediately said, “Youre just flattering yourself.

Anyway, Mr.

Lu isnt around.

No one will expose you.”

Su Bei glanced at her from the corner of her eyes.

Lu Rou was a little weak and unstable from her gaze as if it were not a look but a penetrating knife.

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