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Fu Yujia looked indifferently in Su Beis direction and said, “Mrs.

Brown, Su Bei is over there.

Ill invite her over.”

Su Bei walked up to them and greeted them in fluent English.

She was an international supermodel, so it was no secret that her English was good.


Brown obviously respected Lu Heting, so her attitude toward Su Bei was very gentle.

However, she was also distant.

It was very difficult for someone like her to be easily moved.

When Fu Yujia saw this, she smiled and said, “Mrs.

Brown, Ive prepared a small gift for your trip to S Country this time.

Please accept it.”

“Okay, what is it” Mrs.

Brown did not decline and asked directly, showing the cheerfulness and magnanimity of an American.

Fu Yujia clapped her hands.

Her assistant, Han Xu, walked over with an exquisite brocade box.


and Mrs.

Brown were international investors and were famous.

Although they worked with many families, everyone knew that it was not easy to be on good terms with them.

Therefore, when it came to giving gifts, they had to be very particular.

They had to give them ingeniously to suit their wishes, but the gifts could not be too expensive.

Such gifts were very difficult to find.

Every partner had to rack their brains to find a gift that suited their taste.

Besides, it happened to be Mrs.

Browns birthday this time, so it was even harder to find her a gift.

Everyone was also looking forward to seeing what Fu Yujia would give them.


Brown, its rare for you and Mr.

Brown to come over, and it happens to be your birthday, so please accept this birthday gift.” Fu Yujia presented it with both hands.


Brown took it with a smile and opened it.

Inside was a painting.

Everyone nodded to themselves.

The gift was elegant and suited Mrs.

Browns temperament.

It was a thoughtful gift.

However, it was unknown what kind of painting it was and what was its standard.

After all, Mrs.

Brown had received countless similar gifts.

Everyone was even more curious and tiptoed to look forward.

When Mrs.

Brown saw that it was a painting, she continued to smile.

She was not particularly surprised and only smiled to thank Fu Yujia.

Fu Yujia smiled and said, “Mrs.

Brown, arent you going to take a look”

“Yes, I should admire it.” Mrs.

Brown picked it up.

Actually, she did not have many expectations.

She was already used to receiving such gifts.

Besides, the common gifts from S Country were silk and Chinese paintings.

The first few times she received them, she was pleasantly surprised.

Now, she was already numb to them.

However, when it came to dealing with the Lu and Fu families, gifts were no longer important.


Brown was not demanding.

No matter what Fu Yujia gave her, she would sincerely thank her and accept it.

She took the painting and unfolded it.

The smile on her face froze for a moment before a real smile appeared on her face.

“Miss Fu, I really like this gift!”

Her smile came from the bottom of her heart.

This time, she didnt mind even the crows feet at the corners of her eyes.

It was very different from the pleasantries from before.

Everyone was wondering whose painting Fu Yujia had given them this time.


Brown, its good that you like it,” Fu Yujia said with a smile.

“I heard that you liked Su Lus paintings, so I specially went to ask for one.

I wish you a happy birthday and a happy life.”


Brown loved painting herself, but her painting skills were average.

That didnt stop her from liking other peoples paintings.

Some time ago, she had accidentally seen a painting of Su Lus.

When she saw it, she liked it very much.

She had been fascinated by Su Lus works recently.

However, she asked around and found that Su Lus paintings were not on sale on the market now.

She wanted to buy some, but she couldnt.

She had been thinking about Su Lus works the entire time.

She came to S Country this time because she wanted to see Su Lus art exhibition.

Now that Fu Yujia had given her such a gift, it was no wonder that Mrs.

Brown was in such a good mood.

“Miss Fu, thank you so much.

After so many years, this birthday gift is truly the best!” Mrs.

Brown said with a smile.


Brown had always doted on his wife.

Seeing her like this, he couldnt help but say, “Werent the gifts I gave you in the past good”

“Theyre good, very good,” Mrs.

Brown said.

The twos conversation immediately closed in the distance between everyone present.

The atmosphere in the venue became lighter.

It was no longer as serious as a business reception.

There was a friendly vibe.

Everyone couldnt help but think highly of Fu Yujia.

Her ability and consideration were indeed better than many people.

This woman from the Fu family was indeed not bad.

It was no wonder the two elders of the Lu family had treated this woman well all these years.

In comparison, Su Bei, who was beside her, was far inferior.

Apart from her outstanding looks, she was indeed much inferior to Fu Yujia.

It was said that one should marry a virtuous wife.

They didnt expect Mr.

Lu to fall for a vixen.

He was so mesmerized by her beauty that he forgot his ancestral teachings.

In the future, it would probably be very difficult for Mrs.

Lu to help Mr.

Lu in managing the business.

Su Bei stood aside, and all eyes were on her.

She heard that Mrs.

Brown liked her works.

She did not expect that after only two exhibitions, her paintings had already caught Mrs.

Browns attention.

No wonder Fu Yujia had asked someone to buy her painting time and again.

It turned out that this was the reason.

Seeing Mrs.

Browns smile, Fu Yujias gift this time had moved her heart.

Su Bei smiled slightly.

In that case, she would give Mrs.

Brown a gift too!

She turned around and walked out.

Fu Yujia chatted with Mrs.

Brown and glanced at Su Bei from the corner of her eye.

Seeing that she had disappeared, the smile on her face widened.

It seemed that Su Bei was really unpresentable.

She actually left halfway through when receiving such important guests.

Would Lu Heting really love her for a long time What would Su Bei do when he fell out of love with her

The relatives of the Lu family were also looking for Su Bei.

They asked each other, “Wheres Su Bei”

“Thats too rude of her.

The Browns are waiting here, but she disappeared just like that.”

“Although the Browns might not argue with her on account of Mr.

Lu, this concerns the Lu familys reputation.

How can Su Bei be like this”

“Shes simply embarrassing our Lu family!”

The Fu family secretly laughed at Su Bei, while the Lu family was much more worried.

Although Mr.

Lu didnt have to worry about Mr.

and Mrs.

Browns attitude, they still wanted to earn a living.

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