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She wanted to show outsiders that the Lu family was not satisfied with Su Bei.

Only Fu Yujia could handle something important matters.

At that time, everyone would naturally know who was stronger between her and Su Bei.

Seeing that she was eager to do it, Su Bei was happy and relaxed, so she let her be.

She just had to appear when the time came.

When she went over that day, the banquet hall was already filled with guests.

Fu Yujia had a dignified and generous smile on her face.

She was receiving guests and exchanging pleasantries with them.

It was as if she were the mistress of the house.

When they saw Su Bei, everyones eyes fell on her.

She looked better in person than on TV.

This was the first time many people had seen Su Bei in real life.

Her eyes shone as if the sun had broken through the clouds and landed in the banquet hall.

Even those who did not like Su Bei had to admit that she was very good-looking.

Fu Yujia subconsciously clenched her fists and looked in Su Beis direction.

“Su Bei, youre here Everything is ready.

The Brown couple will be here soon.

When the time comes, lets go and receive them together.”

“Okay, thank you.” Su Bei smiled as if she did not notice anything unusual.

However, the guests here were already laughing at her in their hearts.

As the wife of the Lu family, she did not even know how to host a banquet to entertain guests.

She did not act like a lady from a wealthy family at all.

“Su Bei, do you know that Jia Jia has been preparing for todays banquet for a few days” an elder of the Lu family asked.

“Really” Su Bei still had a smile on her face.

“It mustve been hard on her.”

Fu Yujia smiled and said, “It wasnt hard.

Su Bei is busy filming and usually has to deal with reporters.

She doesnt have as much free time as me.

Its normal for her not to have time to prepare.”

Most of the people present were prestigious and did not think much of people in the entertainment industry.

Some rich ladies, in particular, simply regarded the female artistes in the entertainment industry as ferocious beasts.

In fact, they were just afraid that those artistes would snatch their husbands away.

At the mention of female artistes, they couldnt help but say harshly, “Su Bei, its said that the entertainment industry is chaotic.

Ive always heard that there are all kinds of lewd people in it.

Do you often see those sorts of things happen”

“I dont,” Su Bei said and asked her seriously, “With Heting around, how would I have the chance to encounter those things”

That person choked.

She remembered that it had been a few years since Su Bei had been together with Lu Heting.

She was in no place to talk to Su Bei.

Seeing that Su Bei was obviously showing off their love, Fu Yujias face flickered.

“Second Aunt, its not like you dont know that Heting dotes on Su Bei.

Su Bei definitely wont do those things.

But its indeed hard to say for the others.”

“Anyway, its true that the entertainment industry isnt clean.

Its not that Im looking down on it.

Right, Su Bei” the person called Second Aunt said.

It was unknown which distant second aunt this was.

Seeing that the two were echoing each other and mocking her, Su Bei couldnt help but smile brightly and say, “Im not sure if the entertainment industry is clean or not.

However, Miss Fu is in charge of Sheng Tang Entertainment.

Second Aunt, you can ask her.

Wouldnt she know best”

Fu Yujias expression changed immediately.

She could not hide it.

Second Aunt was also a little embarrassed.

Lu Rou, who was standing beside Fu Yujia, glanced at her and said, “How would Sister Jia Jia know Sheng Tang Entertainment isnt hers.

She bought it over, and it originally belonged to the Tang family.

Su Bei, I remember that you used to be a member of the Tang family, right Shouldnt you know this matter better than Sister Jia Jia”

Everyone knew that Sheng Tang Entertainment used to respect female artistes very much.

After hearing Lu Rous words, it seemed that when Su Bei was around, Sheng Tang Entertainment was just as chaotic.

“I dont.

You can try asking Heting.” Su Bei looked at Lu Rou.

There seemed to be a thorn in her smiling and bright eyes.

Lu Rou was so scared that she didnt dare to speak.

She didnt want to die.

The people in front of them did not dare to talk about this topic anymore.

Although Su Bei clearly wanted to use Lu Heting to suppress them, they had no choice but to accept it.

After all, if Lu Heting were really present, who would say anything bad about Su Bei

Fu Yujia also changed the topic and said, “Su Bei, dont lower yourself to the level of those insensible people.

When the Brown couple comes later, we should receive them well.”

Su Bei nodded and smiled.

The others praised Fu Yujia for being sensible.

“Jia Jia has always been generous and reasonable.

She was the one who arranged todays banquet.

Shes really considerate.”

“Thats right.

Our Jia Jia has always been nurtured according to the demeanor of a noble lady.”

“I have to go back and have my daughter learn from Jiajia.”

Some of these people were from the Lu family while some were from the Fu family.

They usually enjoyed a lot of benefits from Fu Yujia, so they did not go easy when praising her.

As they praised Fu Yujia, they looked at Su Bei with a smug look.

Their eyes were filled with the wordsI dont dare to provoke you, but I can praise Fu Yujia to the skies.

The smile on Su Beis face widened, and she couldnt be bothered.

These people were just afraid of Lu Heting and looked down on her status, so they were taking advantage of Lu Hetings absence to show off.

Were people who couldnt even enter the Lu familys mansion worth Su Beis effort

Was that all Fu Yujia could do

A moment later, the Browns arrived.

Fu Yujia hurriedly went out to welcome a middle-aged man and woman.

The two of them had blonde hair and blue eyes.

They looked very elegant.

Everyone went forward to greet them.

The two of them came from the United States, and Fu Yujia received them in fluent English.

As if intentionally or unintentionally, everyone squeezed Su Bei to make sure she could not go over.

Su Bei stood far away and watched Fu Yujias performance.

The people from the Fu family glanced at Su Bei and couldnt help but secretly shake their heads.

“Its said that the people in the entertainment industry are good at socializing.

Why is Su Bei acting like this now”

“Flattering others is only effective in the entertainment industry.

Wealthy families dont fall for those things,” someone said knowingly.

Someone thought to themselves,So how can a person like Su Bei be worthy of Mr.

Lu Mr.

Lu mustve been bewitched by the woman in front of him.

How can Su Bei be worthy of being Mrs.

Lu on such an occasion

Fu Yujia invited Mr.

and Mrs.

Brown to the main seats and exchanged pleasantries with them in fluent English.


Brown seemed to be very satisfied with Fu Yujia.

She chatted with her warmly and asked, “Didnt you say that Mrs.

Lu was also present today”

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