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Su Bei didnt think much of it, but everyone around her was on guard.

She smiled.

“Are you afraid of being beaten up by Lu Heting or Mom and Dad”

He Xuyan glanced at her faintly, and Su Bei smiled even wider.

“Oh, youre afraid of all three of them!”

He Xuyan reached out to rub the wig she was wearing, but Su Bei avoided it.

“No, no, no.

Therell be scandals again.”

After Su Beis teasing, He Xuyans emotions recovered a lot.

He pushed aside his thoughts, and his dark eyes were bright again.

Su Bei went to the scene and regained her composure.

At this moment, the show officially began.

It had to be said that Yali and Pan Hongsen had a lot of fans.

There were already a few of them sitting around Su Bei, muttering that they had to eliminate Xu Zhiqin tonight.

The show officially began.

After a few peoples performances, it was time for Yalis performance.

She was fashionable and beautiful.

Her acting skills were not exquisite, but they were compatible with the persona in the script.

Therefore, after her performance, the voting channel opened, and the votes rose.

Several directors also gave her good evaluations.

Xu Zhiqin would have a difficult time tonight.

Su Bei sat below the stage and looked at the stage with a serious expression.

She only hoped that more people would be able to see Xu Zhiqins exquisite acting skills.

Xu Zhiqins performance was about to begin.

If the others acting skills were slightly above average and barely passable, then Xu Zhiqins performance was representative of quality.

Her every frown, smile, word, and even teardrop could move ones heart.

Yalis fans, who were sitting beside Su Bei, whispered, “What should I do I dont seem to want to make things hard for her anymore.”

“But have you thought about what Yali is going to do Pan Hongsen is Yalis real boyfriend! Theyre definitely going to get married! As a fan, are you going to support the other party and watch our ship be torn apart”

“Of course not.

Id better vote for Yali.

Hurry up and vote for her!”

“Thats right.”

When Su Bei heard the words of the people beside her, the corners of her lips twitched.

Sure enough, fans were the most unreasonable.

In order to protect their idol, they would not care about acting skills, performance, or even character.

There was nothing anyone could say about Brother Mark taking advantage of this.

Not only did everyone vote for Yali, but they also voted for all the other contestants.

They didnt vote for Xu Zhiqin.

There was no doubt about the result.

The show was coming to an end, and everyone was just waiting for the results to be announced.

It was finally time for the announcement.

Whether Xu Zhiqin was eliminated or not was naturally the highlight.

The host said excitedly on stage, “At the moment, Yali is ranked first while Xu Zhiqin is ranked last.

Its very dangerous to be last.

Whether the actor can enter the next round depends on the directors votes!”

Then, the directors voted.

The fans votes accounted for 50%, while the four directors votes accounted for another 50%.

However, with the current score gap, unless Xu Zhiqin could score more than 9.5 points from each director, she would definitely be eliminated.

Although Chen Ke, Gao Chengru, and Yan Li all liked Xu Zhiqins acting, they were very cautious directors.

They rarely gave a high score of more than 9.5.

The possibility of getting a high score of more than 9.5 tonight was not high.

Sure enough, Yan Li only gave her a score of 9.4.

“Zhiqin performed very well, but theres still room for improvement.

I hope you can continue to improve.”

Gao Chengru shrugged.

“I have nothing to nitpick about Xu Zhiqins performance tonight.

I give her 9.4.”

Chen Ke also nodded.

“Me too.”

The three directors gave the highest score they had given since the start of the show.

Even so, Xu Zhiqin was still far from advancing.

Yali pretended to be regretful, but she was already celebrating her victory in her heart.

Even if He Xuyan gave her another 9.4 points, there was nothing Xu Zhiqin could do.

Her fans were indeed good at fighting!

Xu Zhiqin looked at Su Bei below the stage and gave her a smile.

Although it was a pity that she could not enter the finals, this was already a victory for Su Bei.

At this moment, Xu Zhiqin heard He Xuyans voice.

He said, “Ill give you 9.9 points.”

9.9 points!

Not only was it the highest score since the start of this show, but it also pulled up the previous scores!

It made the average score of the four directors exceed 9.5 points!

Xu Zhiqin could advance!

He Xuyans score not only exceeded Yali and Brother Marks expectations but also the entire production teams expectations.

The host on stage was stunned for a moment before announcing the final results.

Su Bei looked up at He Xuyan.

From this position, she could only see his back.

His back was still straight, and he had his usual straightforwardness and bearing.

She immediately logged into Weibo.

As expected, He Xuyans score was already on the trending searches.

Fortunately, He Xuyans straightforward personality had long been deeply rooted in peoples hearts.

Although everyone was surprised, most of them understood.

After all, anyone with eyes could see how good Xu Zhiqins performance was.

The netizens were also helping to fight back against Yalis and Pan Hongsens fans.

Su Bei also thought to herself that her brother was still the same.

He did things according to his heart and did not care about the criticisms of others.

When Yali got off the stage, she was so angry that her breathing was shallow.

Her assistant quickly followed her and handed over the water and towel.

“He Xuyan, how dare he!” Yali said angrily.

“I did everything that I shouldve, but my plans were still ruined by He Xuyan!”

“Director He has always been stubborn.

Otherwise, weve won him over earlier,” the assistant said in a low voice.

Yali vented her anger.

“Yali, its okay.

Since you got the most votes from the fans this time, itll be the same for the finals.

Dont worry.”

Yali shook her head.

“How is that possible The fans are exhausted!”

Su Bei, who had entered the backstage area, smiled and said, “Tonight, many people have seen your acting skills.

Even Yalis fans are growing biased toward you.

Her fans wont be as united as they were today in the finals.”

Xu Zhiqins palms were covered in sweat.

“Its all thanks to Director He.”

“Dont say that.

You make it sound like hes playing favorites.

Its all because of your strength.” Su Bei smiled.

Xu Zhiqin also knew that she had misspoken and laughed.

However, she probably couldnt meet He Xuyan tonight.

The outside world was discussing He Xuyans high score.

The irrational Yali fans were even cursing.

If she went to look for He Xuyan and the reporters saw her, she didnt know what they would write and how much pressure they would give him.

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