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After making a small joke, she turned around and went out.

The door closed, and she was no longer in sight, but the house was full of her.

Xu Zhiqin appeared too quickly, and she was too compatible with He Xuyan at work, which gave Yali a huge threat.

Pan Hongsen comforted her.

“The production team is just taking advantage of her.

Once they no longer find her useful, theyll kick her out.

Dont worry too much.”

“If I dont think of something soon, Ill really be stepped on by her! People are already saying that shes worthy of you.” Yali was a little angry.

“But you know that youre the only one worthy of me, right” Pan Hongsen actually enjoyed the current situation.

After all, Xu Zhiqin had not caused him any substantial harm.

On the contrary, every time she was in trouble, his popularity would surge and he could enjoy the benefits that came with it.

He could reap the benefits without doing himself any harm.

However, that was not the case for Yali.

She had taken a big blow.

Every time someone compared her to Xu Zhiqin, her popularity would suffer.

She did not want to benefit others!

“Brother Mark, if you dont help me, Xu Zhiqin will really step on me.” Yali went straight to Brother Mark.

Both she and Brother Mark were in the same boat.

“I know.

Ill talk to the production team.” Brother Mark wanted to take advantage of Xu Zhiqins scandal and thought that the viewers wouldnt vote for her.

Who knew that the market was so difficult to control and that peoples hearts could not be played with

The viewers actually voted for Xu Zhiqin, which really troubled him.

However, he still had a trump card in his hand.

Once he used it, Xu Zhiqin would definitely be on the losing end!

[Actors, Please Come On Stage was coming to an end.

The winner of the competition would filmMy Dear with Pan Hongsen.

Who will have the last laugh Lets wait and see!]

As soon as the news was released, it sparked discussions everywhere.

There were not many people left on the show, but Yali and Xu Zhiqin were among them.

Xu Zhiqins acting skills were beginning to be recognized, and she was a huge threat to Yali.

However, the production team suddenly announced that the winner of the championship would be filmingMy Darling with Pan Hongsen.

‘My Darling was a love drama.

It was an idol drama like Prince Charming and Snow White.

Wasnt it obvious that they were causing trouble

If the championship was between Yali and Xu Zhiqin, what about their messy relationship

Of course, Pan Hongsen and Yalis fans couldnt be bothered to care so much.

They just went on a scolding spree.

First, they scolded the TV station, then the production team.

In the end, the gunpowder was focused on Xu Zhiqin alone.

[No wonder this b*tch came out to participate in this show.

It turns out this is why!]

[Shes really doing everything she can to seduce Pan Hongsen!]

[Ive never seen such a shameless person.

Its fine if she interfered in other peoples relationships, but now, shes actually pursuing the guy relentlessly.

Its disgusting.

Its simply beyond my understanding of people.]

[Today is Miss Xus most shameful day!]

However, now that Xu Zhiqin had her own fans, there were naturally people protecting her amidst the chiding.

[Dont think that others will chase after you just because youre in high demand! Zhiqin was an actress to begin with.

Her previous works all performed very well.

As long as youre not blind, you can see it!]

[Thats right! When Xu Zhiqin was acting in movies, you guys were still playing with mud.

She only came back to do what she liked.

Dont try to slander her!]

Not only that but there were also fans who edited all the exciting scenes from her previous movies and released them for everyone to see.

Of course, Xu Zhiqin had also edited many of these sorts of videos herself.

This was something she had learned when she was supporting Pan Hongsen.

Her own edits were posted on her personal Weibo account.

They immediately became popular.

The penultimate episode of Actors, Please Go On Stage was broadcasted in such a tense atmosphere.

The last two rounds were no longer pre-recorded.

Instead, they were broadcasted live.

The fans shouts echoed throughout the venue.

Yalis assistant said, “Weve investigated.

After Brother Mark released the news that the winner is going to film a TV show with Brother Hongsen, your and his fans are truly pissed.

Theyre united against a common enemy and swore to cast Xu Zhiqin out this round! Therell definitely be no problem tonight!”

Yali said arrogantly, “Do I look worried”

It was all too easy to crush Xu Zhiqin.

Su Bei also went backstage to see Xu Zhiqin.

“Youve already won.” Su Bei looked at Xu Zhiqin.

“Youve already forced Brother Mark to play all the cards he can.”

“I want to win even more!” Xu Zhiqins eyes revealed her desire for the championship.

How could Su Bei not want her to have the last laugh However, the production team and Brother Mark had already used all the means they could that were still within the rules.

In terms of the number of fans, Xu Zhiqin could not fight against the fans of the two big stars.

Tonight, the fans of these two people would definitely try their best to kick Xu Zhiqin out.

Su Bei was aware of Xu Zhiqins determination, but losing this round was not considered a failure.


He Xuyan kept frowning.

The coffee in his hand was already cold.

Everyone knew that He Xuyan had a bad temper and was extremely strict.

No one dared to disturb him.

The makeup artist hurriedly finished helping him with his hair and left, afraid that she would freeze from his cold aura.

Xu Zhiqin was preparing elsewhere.

At this moment, only Su Bei dared to go forward and greet him.

“Brother!” Su Bei pulled out a chair and sat down beside him.

“Are you unhappy Having the fans vote is an old tradition.

We really cant say anything about the production team doing this.”

She thought that he was vexed by the production teams way of showing fairness on the surface, but in fact, they were promoting the actors with a lot of fans.

That was not what He Xuyan was unhappy about.

It was only then that he knew that the winner of this show could work with Pan Hongsen on a new drama.

Xu Zhiqin looked energetic.

In the past, she looked quite cute, but now, she was a little dazzling.

However, it was not appropriate to say this.

Who was he to interfere in other peoples lives

“Do you want me to drink with you” Su Bei could tell that he was not troubled by the production teams rules.

‘Then why

She did not understand.

He Xuyan raised his hand and hit her on the head.

“Drink Dont you know that your stomach isnt good”

He had only found out about her misdiagnosis after hearing Lu Heting mention it once.

Although nothing happened after that, when Lu Heting mentioned it, his heart skipped a beat.

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